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I won't write too many details about what happened to me because I'm very sad. My little princess started vomiting and not eating well so I took her to this "hospital".

They examined her and asked us if she had any pain or if she was depressed and we said no. She was just not eating and vomiting. They brought us a big list of things to do but since we were on a budget we could do everything. They suggested us to do the pancreatitis, a vaccine and some pills to take home.

We didn't do the pancreatitis test but we did the other things. First of all, they shouldn't have prescribe her the pills because if she is vomiting she will vomit the pill. Before this visit to the doctor she was active and happy but after this she got worse. She didn't want to eat anything still so we called the doctor and she said it was okay.

After a few days, she still wasn't eating so we took her there again. They did the pancreatitis test because they really though it was that and it was negative. This was totally not necessary because if she had this problem she would had pain and diarrhea and she had none of those symptoms. They also gave her the same pill for vomiting but in an injection form.

We asked them why they give her the same medication but in an injection and they told us that it was better. So, why didn't they give my dog that at the beginning!!! They also gave her a subcutaneous fluid because she was dehydrated. They didn't want to do this because they knew this would make my dog feel better and we wouldn't go there anymore.

After two days, my dog kept vomiting and fell to the floor every time she vomited because she couldn't hold herself. I decided to take her to VALUEVET and their treatment was so different! They actually cared about the dog and not the money! They did the blood work and her problem was that her kidney wasn't working and she died the other day.

The vet told us that if we had taken her there and treated her she would be alive now. Banfield is a money hungry hospital if you actually care about your dog go to VALUEVET it's cheaper and has a better quality!

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I recently took my little 8 lb Chihuahua to Roanoke's Banfield Hospital, she was mistreated as was I She had a heart condition and all they could do was make her more uncomfortable, when I saw what they were doing, holding her up by her back legs on anesthesia, oxygen tube and an IV, shaking her to get fluid from her lungs, I left the room they came out and said her heart stopped and asked me if I wanted to revive her. I said yes, I was told that during heart massage the Dr.

may have broken a rib, I believe the anesthesia stopped her heart and I did not consent to it, I told them I wanted to take her home and they would not let me. They brought her back for a few minutes I went in to talk with my baby and her head had been propped to face me, it was obvious she was overdosed on drugs, then they told me she needed to go back on oxygen. They said it looked grim and I should do the right thing, only because I said I wanted to take her home, they wanted me to take her to an emergency hospital at 6 when they closed, they said she may not make so they got me to agree on putting her down, I can't believe I let them take advantage of me a vulnerable senior, they want money there were students in with the Dr I didn't agree to that either. I felt over powered by them, she was insulting to me because I didn't understand what was going on and she kept saying I already told you that.

I was in the room 3 different times and I am traumatized by what they allowed me to see. I can't get her back, I am going to sue them for killing my dog.

They must be shut down. :cry


No. You " killed" your dog.

You declined testing at one vet, waited then took her to another vet and let them do the same test the first vet recommended. You were negligent, and for what to save a few hundred bucks. Do YOU decline services your doctors wants for you..NO.

And you also sign a paper that tells everyone that you DECLINED life saving test. Your dog is dead cause of you!


you took your pet to a hospital and declined services that needed to be done early into your pets illness and then days later took them to a cheaper hospital to get testing done. the issue is you continued to take your pet to a hospital you couldn't afford so your pet was unable to be properly cared for. it obviously seems VALUEVET had services that fit your budget, so in a way that vet was right, if you'd taken your pet there and had them treated they may be alive.


So you want to blame the 1st vet because you told them they couldn't do any tests/bloodwork to diagnose the problem yet you praise the 2nd vet for getting a diagnosis AFTER you let the 2nd vet to the bloodwork? You do get how unfair that sounds right?

Do you have ANY idea of how many dozens of things can cause vomiting & anorexia???? What did you expect the 1st vet to do - use a crystal ball to guess which one of the many possible causes is responsible. On the very LONG LONG LONG list of things that can cause appetite loss & vomiting pancreatitis would definitely be one thing to rule out quickly because it can be fatal in a short time. And yes, I am qualified vet so I can tell you that you absolutely CAN have panreatitis without diarrhea (& pain is a very subjective thing to judge because a lot of pets don't show many signs of it).

Since you financially limited the 1st vet (heavily by the sounds of it) you prolonged any vet being able to make a diagnosis/start treatment & unfortunately most likely heavily contributed to your pets death. Also, in most cases oral medications are much cheaper than injectable ones so I'm guessing that they were only able to give you the oral meds the 1st time because it sounds like you set them a strict financial limit.

This may sound very harsh but as an owner if a vet recommends something & you choose not to do it or wait several days to do it you can't then try & blame the vet for a poor outcome. You also have to accept some blame here.


Banfield hospital should be sued. there should be a way to file a class action law suit against them and have all their locations shutdown.


he will take it but there must be substantial complaints,this horrible business only cares about money.

@I have a Beverly Hills Attorne

I will only accept sincere comments it's a public page.


Fayettevill, GA location killed my baby Chow-Da. I reported it to the client advocate team and they did nothing.

I didn't hear from anyone as they promised. This should be on the news.

People should be made aware of Banfield Pet Hospital. Try CBS Atlanta news let them ask the tough question.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi devoracala - We are very sorry for your loss. We would like to speak with you when you are ready. Please contact our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or cat(at)banfield(dot)com.


The Banfield Team

@Banfield Pet Hospital

what do you want?

@Banfield Pet Hospital

Stop lying to people. you dont care about the customers or our pets.

Banfield hospital is all about the money. :(


Here is a better idea. You need to stop being so *** and grew up.

Your so *** you dont even know what you are talking about. No one is lying. Mistakes happen in medicine.

Human and Vet.


Go go girl! They killed my dog then had the NERVE to hand me a bill for over $300!

@Banfield Pet Hospital

*** Banfield! They dont care about our "loss".

All they care about is making money! Hate them so *** much for killing my little Missy!

Then they deny all responsibility and handed me a bill for over $300! They can shove their bill right up their ***!