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After finding out about banfield i thought it was a good idea to get the wellness plan for my 2 year old husky who was perfectly fine, probably the healthiest dog in the world. after he got his vaccines, which were for the lepto, rabies, parvo and bordetella, he started feeling weak and lost his appettite a month after that.

I took him back to find out what it was and they thought there was something wrong with his stomach, i knew there wasnt anything wrong with his stomach because when you felt up his abdomen he didnt complain or anything but since im no expert i trustred what the doctor said. he gave me antibiotics for an infection, to control diarrhea and throw up which was $300, i didnt mind the cost because i thought i was saving money plus it was going to my dog who was my best friend. after he was done with the medication he was feeling worse and didnt eat AT ALL, he was loosing weight so fast and didnt have any energy. I took him back and they thought it was either parvo or endocrine disease so i paid for more test which were $500.

they told me it was parvo so i bought antibiotics for parvo which were $200 and i did my own research of thing i could do to fasten the treatment so he could her better. another month went by and he was worse than ever, he went from being 70 pounds to almost 30, he still tried to run but he barely had any muscle, fat or energy left. i called them to make an appointment because the treatment wasnt working and they told me it was actually leptospirosis. after a month of trying to fight parvo they told me it was another thing.

i did more research on it so i could help my dog out and i saw an article about a woman talking about her dog died because of the vaccines and i started to look more into it. I learnt that a dog should NEVER get more than one shot at a time because animals have different immune systems and that it takes at least one or two months to recover. on the same page i saw a comment about a girl that worked at banfield but quit because she saw so many dogs overdose and when a dog gets more than 1 shot their immune system can get so low that they actually get the diseases they got vaccinated for.

the leptospirosis shot my dog got is supposed to be an independent shot but banfield gave him 3 more shots along with that and made him suffer without helping him. my dog passed away yesterday and i am pissed i cant do any justice for him because its their policy.

i advise anyone that is looking into going into banfield to go to another vet, dont think your saving money because of the wellness plan because now i have to finish off paying for my dead dog that they didnt even help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I'm so sorry your dog passed. However you really should make sure the 'research' you are reading is from licensed professionals or journal recognised studies, not just people stating their (in most cases uneducated, non-medical based opinions).

Being a licensed veterinarian of >8years experience in multiple clinics I can state that I know of no formal, journal approved studies that show healthy dogs & cats can only handle 1 vaccine at a time. Sometimes an already immunocompromised/ill pet may need vaccinations spread out/only have 1 at a time because they have a hard time responding to the vaccine, but those are pretty rare cases. While life-threatening vaccine reactions are very sad, they are also quite rare. My clinic (not a banfield btw) routinely vaccinate healthy animals with 2-3 vaccines at a time so that owners dont have to pay multiple office visit fees & in all this time we have had 1, maybe a 2nd (unconfirmed) cases of severe reactions that resulted in an animal passing.

That's spread out over thousands & thousands of pets........so a tiny percentage. Having said that it is really not fair that you still have to pay for insurance after your pet passed.


OMG!! I had the same problem with my dog!!!! I pay in emergency room $750 and he died