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We brought our 11 month old English Bulldog in because he was Lethargic and could not keep anything down. They sent us home with medication that he could not take and a syringe to push the fliuds into him, in our paperwork it states that the doctor afforded IV fliuds which is not true ant all and that his prognosis was good and nothing was told to us about a intestinal obstruction.

All they want is your money and not what is wrong with your dog.. No one should go there if they REALLY care about their animals Don't go!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Let me guess. They gave you a treatment plan that included doing xrays and bloodwork, but you declined that.

There is no way to know what exactly is wrong with a pet without doing diagnostic testing.


My beloved flat coat retriever was put to sleep last Friday after she was diagnosed with acute leukemia.My Julie was short of breadth so I took her in to Banfield in which her usual vet ran complete blood panel. Was told she had anxiety attacks but normal.

Sent her home. Her breathing got worse so we took her in to another vet outside Banfield. Resulting in devastating resuls White blood count for dogs 16k-18k Julies was 185k.How can this Banfield doc missed such a huge count?After paying$$$ on top of insurance coverages? This was the 2nd misdiagnose this month by this vet.

my lily was also misdiagnosed as having neuro problems when all she had was acute pancreatitis. I will not go back and will contact banfield headquarters after I recovered from grieving.


I'm not the only one maybe you should go on this website also..


You can read more about how bad Banfield treats the animals and people.

Banfield Pet Hospital

@Very Mad Mama,

We take your accusation very seriously and would like to speak with you directly to learn more about what happened. Please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288.