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I rarely write a bad review but sometimes a situation warrants me to warn people about potential problems. I have been to this location twice now, the 1st time was Oct of 2009, my dogs had some intestinal parasites.

They prescribed me 69 mg size baytril. I always look up on the internet what meds are, what they do. The vet tech gave me the wrong size. They gave me 23 mg instead.

When i called them, they treated me like a criminal, and I had to make ANOTHER 80 minutes round trip to swap out the correct meds.No apology, absolutely nothing. On Nov 7th, 2010 Sunday I called and asked if I can make an appt. they said 3pm was fine but they were very busy, and said I might have to wait til 4pm to be seen. I said that was great.

I was thankful someone besides an emergency vet was open on a sunday. I showed up on time. The african gal then says, "we are not taking any new clients".I was stunned. I said, I have been here before with my other dogs and I made an appointment.

She said there was no way I would be seen today. Apparently this branch has some serious operational problems. They know how to make an appoinment, they just can not keeep it. I did swear at her and left with my dog bleeding from her neck.

I made some calls and Valu-vet in Deltona, saw us very promptly and professionally. They know how to make an appoinment and to see you at the time they promised. As for my sweet dog, she had to be put down. Bless her...

All of the above is 100 percent truthful and honest. Banfield Lake mary Florida

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The "African Gal?" Racist much?