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I wish I could give them zero stars. NEVER will I bring my dog back to the Leesburg location. Banfield as a whole is a great corporation, but the Leesburg facility is despicable.

I brought my 18 month old bulldog in for a check up since he was having diarrhea -- he had experienced this in the past, and I had taken him to the Reston, VA Banfield and they would clear him right up. After moving from Reston to Leesburg, I switched to the new facility, thinking I would receive the same service -- I definitely did not.

Where the Reston facility to simply provide medication for him and the symptoms would clear up, Leesburg asked that we leave him for 2 hours for them to run "tests". 280 dollars in tests later, they prescribed him 4 medications and a science diet to stop the diarrhea (the food was another 30, so 310 dollar total for the visit.

3 days into the medication, Biggie went from having diarrhea, to throwing up violently up to 10 times a day -- he could barely walk and would yelp in pain. He would not move throughout the day unless it was to throw up.

I immediately phoned Leesburg on a Saturday morning and told them of my emergency. They responded that a vet would call me immediately -- this was a 11am. I called back at 2pm having not heard from a vet -- I was told that the vet had "alot of emergencies" that day, and they would call me back soon. By Sunday morning I had not heard anything so I called again to complain -- I was immediately hung up on. I called back, and the woman told me I was rude -- I had told her of my calls on Saturday to which she said that my dog throwing up 12 times on Saturday was not as big of an emergency as they had on Saturday.

I picked up the phone and called the Reston location. The vet immediately got on the phone, and told me to immediately stop all of the medications that Leesburg prescribed. She told me that it was negligent to provide 4 medications and a food for a simple stomach bug, and told me to simply give him a human Pepcid at night for 7 days.

By day 2 of the Reston doctor's simple solution, he was feeling 100% better -- no vomit, with solid ***. He gained back all of his energy and is back to his normal self.

The $310 dollar bill with 4 medications and a science diet that made my dog much much much sicker, was cured by a 6 dollar over the counter drug from a GOOD VET.

I will NEVER return to Leesburg, and am contemplating reaching out to corporate for a refund or compensation for the trouble that their Leesburg location put my dog through -- if they were a human doctor, they would be stripped of their ability to practice medicine. Shame on them -- please make the extra 10 minute drive to Reston to avoid catastrophe -- heed my warning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $310.

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