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Banfield Pet Hospital (a part of Pet'smart) let our 10 month old yellow lab die a painful death because they were more concerned about MONEY than their oath to help pets. Our family hadjust moved to Victorville California when our Yellow Lab became very ill.

She had internal injuries due to eating twigs in the yard and was in alot of pain. We began calling Vets offices asking to be able to arrange PAYMENTS.

We had enough for the first visit but knew we wouldnt be able to pay for everything she would need. They played games, asking us to call this person and that person for help and to call back. Long story short, Sodapop died a very painful death 18 hours later.

5 of those hours were spent on the phone begging for help from BANFIELD Pet Hospital. BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL (PART OF PET'SMART) CARES ABOUT CASH NOT PETS!

Please do NOT give these people your hard earned money, they arent what Vets are supposed to be.

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oh my god i cant believe what i am reading about the banfeild in humble i have had problems with beth and art- in the past they are very rude and mean espiacialy art he has a very bad attitude he needs to go work somewhere else,becuase of him i took my pets somewhere else but know that i just read this article i think i iam going to look into legal matters how are they going to choke these poor pets maybe thats why our pets go in healthy and come out dying they are choking them.i have heard of pets dying from internal bleeding mybe these people at banfeild in humble are kicking them.?


dont feel bad the one in humble,texas has nurses that kill your pets for free,let me name a couple,beth,arturo,and a doctor named gloria chavez,these people need to be fired or charged for animal cruelty the choke pets into submission,i have seen it first hand.


work at a banfield in indiana. I am a pet nurse at banfield. and honestly i am sorry for the loss of your pet. and i can't speak for every banfield out there and which ones are good and which are bad. but i know the one i work at i love and trust both of the doctors. they are very caring and do what is best for every pet that walks in the door.

i don't know your situation, and i am sorry for your loss, but from what you have claimed your dog was eating twigs and probably had an obstruction, that is an emergency situation!!!!! why the banfield you went to did not tell you this i do not know, but banfield is not an emergency clinic. they are not equipped to do a surgery that would require removing an obstruction such as twigs from a pet.

the most i know they could offer would be to do x-rays on your pt to see where the obstruction is then refer you to an emergency clinic where they would be able to handle the situation.

the doctors i work with at least and the nurses and receptionist would have directed you the same way, we can only do so much and that is basically an x-ray, and they would have gone a step further to say to just go straight to the emergency clinic,

banfield is an animal hospital and they do minor surgeries, spay, neuter, dental cleanings, mass removal, declaw.

they are just not equipped to remove obstructions from animals. that is what an emergency clinic is for.

yes it would have been expensive at an emergency clinic but the pet would probably still be alive today.

hate that your experiance with banfield was a bad one but i have to stand up and say they are NOT all that way.

:cry :cry :cry


As sad as this story is, the reality of the situation is that pets are a financial responsibility. I do not know of any vet's office that doesn't expect payment on the date of service.

No vet really does scheduled payments. SO, if you have a pet, you should also have (a) insurance, or (b) a credit card for emergencies or (c) an emergency fund.


Anon your an ***. I wanted to set up PAYMENTS, not get anything for FREE.

If you feel they are right then you are just as bad as the money hungry jack *** that run Banfield.


Sorry, but pets are a financial responsibility - your pet died because you didn't make plans for what you would do for funds in case of an emergency. You're not entitled to free care just because your pet needs it.

If you didn't have the money to treat, you should have elected humane euthanasia - it's your fault your pet suffered, not a vet hospital's. I suggest in the future you set aside funds or a credit card for emergencies such as this one, or else refrain from taking on the responsibility of pet care.


They shouldnt be in the business of health care then. But you are wrong about Banfield and Petsmart.

While they are independent businesses they are in bed together in the sense that they are ALL renting from Petsmart. So Petsmart has a great stake in Banfiels and reverse.

The company TRIED for a much bigger case, but they were defeated by my lawyer and had to reduce AAAAALLLLLLLLL the way to "annoying phone calls" The vet's OATH is almost word for work the doctor's oath saying NOTHING about payment before duty. Do some homework before you reply to these.


I highly doubt this company wasted money on you by filing suit for phone calls. They are a cooperation, they dont do payment plans.

Its pay now or dont come in.

Second, Banfield rents from Petsmart.

Petsmart has nothing to do with banfield. They are independent from one another.


Because they were the ones that said to call back, talk to this person and that person. Talk to the manager, talk to the district manager, talk to the corporate office...etc etc.


Just curious as to why you are targeting Banfield when you say you called vet(s), (meaning numerous), trying to get someone to set up payment plans. I read this as, no one else was willing to help you either.

Is this correct? So why aren't you targeting the others as well?


I should also add that Banfield filed suit against me for "annoying phone calls" after asking me to call back many many times thru this ordeal. The suit just settled so now I am free to pursue legal action against them for everything my lawyer can muster against them.