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Banfield lied to me about my puppy! She's only 5 months old for goodness sake!

She was to get spayed on 5/7/14. We dropped her off at 7am as directed. At 11:30am I receive a phone call stating they couldn't do her spay because she had no red or white blood cells. The dog would essentially be dead if that we're the case and they needed to do more bloodwork.

It would be to the tune of at least $550.00! And we would need to pay for the bloodwork for that day since they didn't spay her. Ummmmm no! I don't want testing done on a perfectly healthy dog.

We sent the lab work to another vet and she was mildly anemic which most puppy's are but beyond that there was no cause for concern. They even put on their lab work papers no further testing needed! They even told on their own lie! i call them out on the lie and they state that's up for interpretation.

HOW is that up for interpretation??! the vet then said I was a horrible pet owner for rescuing her the day she was born. There were 13 pups born in that litter 3 died from being crushed she was the runt and wouldn't survive if I didn't. She's an amazing and sweet dog.

They won't cancel my plan and refund my fees. I won't be going back and will not pay them another dime!!!

Monetary Loss: $225.

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I had a 3 1/2 year old Goldie, when I got her she was 6 weeks old took her to Banfield Pet Hospital in North Lake Mall N C, had a plan with them every time Angel went for her Well visit she was well, on 06/29/2014 my baby girl had her second teeth cleaning with them, she had to be there at 7:30am at 1:00pm we got a phone call saying that my Angel had died. How can a Healthy dog die from teeth cleaning, can anyone please help me?

she was my best friend, I'm 50 years old and Angel was my everything, I can not eat, sleep, my head is a mess, I can not get her beautiful eyes out of my head. I have talked to the manager and I fill like she is covering something or she has done this before, all I got is ....

she too has lost Pets and Family in Deaths. I wonder if it was by someone killing them?