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I purchased their one year wellness plan for my new pup. Inside of the first 7 months she broke a leg and developed a serious case of gastrointeritis.

Both times they assured me of their course of action and when it came down to it I got the "oh that is beyond our area of expertise we will need to refer you". So in actuality what they did was scrape a quick $3-400.00 off the top and refer me to a real pet hospital.

If all you ever need is a shot series, spay/neuter, or an anal gland or two expressed then you will be ok. In the event that you have the need of a "pet hospital", do not waste your time or money, go to a real vet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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There is like plethora of bad complaints on Banfield so obviously their customer service sucks and people are being misinformed!


Let me ask you soemthing. Does your family physician know how to deal with cancer?

Could they fix your femur if it needed to be held together with titanium? The answer is probably not.

Human medicine has specialists and so does veterinarian medicine. Why do you think it was any different?

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi, Anonymous –

Thank you for letting us know about your recent experience at our facility. I hope your puppy has recovered from her broken leg and stomach ailment.

If you are willing, would you please consider calling our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288, or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com to help us better understand how we can improve overall service? We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Your satisfaction is very important to us.



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