Atlantic City, New Jersey

There is a Veterinarian that owns a Banfield practice in Manahawkin, NJ that has conducted unprofessional, unethical and poor care of patient records. He deliberately,maliciously, publicly,carelessly,& recklessly transferred client records to a former business partner unsecured in Petsmart shopping carts and pushed them outside onto the storefront curb.

In that cart were approx. 700 patient records,x-rays with personal information.

How disgraceful that Veterinarian and staff behaved with no regard to all those people that have entrusted the care of their pets and personal information to him. What happened the to Veterinary Oath that he is to uphold?

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Several incidences of poor customer service and poor care. Complete miss diagnosis of serious injury.

After seeing the Manahawkin Banfield vet and received his diagnosis (which was "she'll be fine"), it didn't sit right with me. So I took her to North Star Vet Hospital in Robinsville Township. My Dog needed surgery to repair her injury which if left unfixed would have left her lame. Inflexible polices and rudeness.

There are very nice staff that, you can tell are somewhat horrified at some of the situations. I feel bad for them. Pulled my pets out of their wellness plan. Banfield as a Whole, was easy to deal with.

Very good corporate customer service.

Refunded Wellness Plan when they didn't have to. This practice in Manahawkin needs a bit to be desired.


George and Mike are intitled to their opinion and are on the defence big time !! Makes one think that they must be somehow related to that *** who thinks he is a professionaland an animal doctor.Its a shame that anyone can get a degree these days!


A little heavy on the drama, don't you think? I agree with George, get a life.


Will never bring my pet here ever again... Horrable customer service...

My dog had a problem with his eye when i took him there. Doctor said it was a eye infection and overlooked he had a cut on his eye. I gave him the meds and they didnt work. So we were forced to bring him back and the doctor tried to say he cut his eye after the visit.

Which i knew was untrue. He could have done a lot more damage in the wait time inbetween visits. He miss the lasaration on his eye and lied and said it wasnt there the first visit. If he did the indepth eye exam the first time he would have seen it.

That is what i told him. I said everyone makes mistakes and he said i didn t make a mistake. I said i dont mind paying for the meds but i should be refunded my office visit charge and he was verry rude and said no way.

So i said you just lost a patent. He didnt care horrable customer surivice....


How where they supposed to transfer the records, in an armed Brinks truck? If that is the worst of your beef, get a life.

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