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banfield pet hospital inside Petsmart in Lewisville Texas is not the place to take your dog or any other animal if you love your pet.Dr, San Joy told me my 3 pound poodle had a ant *** between her toe. I kept taking her back and was told the same thing. "it would not heal because she licked it".

The last visit Dr. San Joy laughed at me and ask me 'what I wanted it to be. Was I afraid a human can get it from her?' He then laughed in my face

I left the store in tears and took her to the vet I had used in the past.

He took one look at it and said he needed to do a needle aspiration. Five minutes later I was told the truth My dog has a cancer between her toes. No ant *** never had been. ,The slide was sent out to a pathologist and four days later my tiny little white poodle had two toes amputated to get the cancer.My dog suffered through that and 2 months of prednisone, to cure the cancer.

If it had not been for Banfield incompetence my dog could have had treatment for cancer 4 months sooner.

Banfields latest ad shows a white dog with a bandage on the same paw that my dog had amputated, saying what great service they can give to fix the dogs paw.

That ad is a slap in the face.If you love your animal don't get sucked in to their low cost insurance plan. It is a joke.They just want the money.

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Banfield Pet Hospital


We are very sorry to hear that your visit to Banfield has left you feeling this way, and we hope your poodle is doing well.

To help us better understand your situation, please call our Client Advocate Team to discuss your experience. The number is 877.500.2288. Thank you for your feedback.


Shh u. You are startibg to show that ur a ***. We dont need to see this even if it is the internet...


Just FYI, the DVM is Sam Joy, not San Joy. I highly doubt he laughed in your face. I used to work there, and that is just not part of his behavioral repertoire.

@Banfield needs to be banned

The reason they wouldn't sedate your cat on Sunday (I'm assuming for surgery) is because there is not enough time on Sundays (hours are shortened) to do the procedure and allow your pet the proper amount of recovery time.


Im curious what the Cylology &/or Biopsy revealed.



If u think there was that much negligence in Lewisville TX, id very much consider contacting the Texas Board Of Veterinary Medicine in Austin. They will do a complete investigation of the case.

GL. Hope your dog is ok


My cat was out of control, as she was in heat, came out of heat, and went right back into heat She was attacking my other cat. I took her to Banfield to be sedated, or to get her some sedatives, as it was a Sunday and Noone but Banfield was open...they charged me 90 dollars and didn't do a *** thing!!They refused to sedate my cat even though it was a Sunday, and I was taking her to a different vet to be spayed the very next morning. They acted like I was an ***,refused to sedate her at all, and I took her into a differnet vet the very next am, and he spayed her that same day.