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I am filing a complaint with the Vet Board here in Sacramento today. Misdiagnoses and a personality like a dial tone, combined with lies and the inability to speak with a leader at Banfield HQ in Utah shows the world what a racket they're running.

I am the *** one, falling for their hype. I'm looking to get with others for a class-action law suit and/or need an attorney.

I have all the documentation to sue the pants off of these clowns. If you know of anyone or anything legally that's going on, please get with me or email me with your info and I'll get back to you immediately: SigningAgentCoach@yahoo.com


Monetary Loss: $2.

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My opinion of Banfield: SCAM! I just got a yorkie puppy and the first day I took her in to Banfield they diagnosed her with several different things and labled her "the poster child" of the vet because she "just has so many things wrong with her." In one week This "vet" has taken $650 from me.

I'm a college student and this is a pretty huge chunk of my income. In 8 days, they have put her on 7 different antibiotics, in addition to the heartworm medicine and 3 vaccinations. One of these vaccinations was the bordetella which is supposed to prevent kennel cough, which they diagnosed her with 5 days after they gave her the vacc. only to put her on 2 new antibiotics in addition to the 3 she was already on for other things she supposedly had.

Two days after that she wasn't getting any better and they had me bring her back in and diagnosed her with pneumonia. They then put her on 2 new antibiotics and took her off the previous ones, claiming they weren't strong enough in addition to making me leave her there for a large fee and claiming she needed to stay under their supervision for 2 days. None of this was covered under the "wellness plan" either. I was told by two different vets and the breeder I got my puppy from that I was being extremely overcharged.

I don't think the word "wellness" is a good way to describe my puppy consecutively getting worse and worse over this one week as soon as I take her in to this vet, then being charged $650 just to have to take her to a new vet in the end. I hope you win this law suit, if you need any help let me know!


If u need to get ur yorkie to a great home call me 951-541-4322


I recently moved to Tampa, FL where we took our dog to the vet to get her spayed. For the first time ever our dog became difficult there and the Vet who looked 18 did nothing and left the room for the Vet Techs to handle and didn't offer any advice on why all of a sudden she would act bad at the Vet.

After selling us $200.00 worth of shots that I've never even heard of from other vets they wanted $600-$700 to fix her.

We later made an appointment somewhere else for $200 and out of curiosity called another banfield in the same area who wanted $150-$200 for the same thing. I believe the were quoting us high because our dog was difficult and will be getting to the bottom of this because they wasted our time and money and now Callie has a bad impression of Vets.


hey tia,

contact me please....i want to join your class action lawsuit here in sacramento. These people need to stop!!!


Not quite sure how you would compare a vet to a dog groomer, there is a big difference and umm groomers can't prescribe meds. At any rate before you sue realize that Banfields HQ is in Portland Oregon, not Utah doh


I know Dr. Short personally and staff...not a good vet or a good person.

She only cares about the money and not the person or the pets life.

Its so awful that they are still in business and the pets are suffering because of it. All the power to you and good luck!


I am interested in the class action lawsuit. I am located in Florida and they also misdiagnosed my pet said he had heart failure when he really had prostate cancer.

Had we known that he had cancer we could have seeked treatment.

Talked to Corporate only to have the doctor that we complained about call us and belittle us again. Bad company!


When you file your complaint with the vet board, you might check to see if these "vets" are really doctors of veterinary medicine or dog groomers". I cannot believe how many people do not care about their pets.

I took my dog there (it ultimately cost her life). I saw three different Drs and had three different diagnoses. They were wrong on all three counts. By the time I took her to a real Dr.

it was too late.

Good luck with your lawsuit. Hopefully, they will be shut down.


U say u can't believe how many people don't care about their pets and u say u went to 3 different places before u took her to a real Dr. N it was too late..guess u don't care about ur pet..or did u read what you wrote.. Ur fault ur dog died I hope if u get *** the same thing happens to you..shame for you