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Banfield is worthless and your pets health is at risk. My dog was brought in with symptoms, not eating and losing weight. They did a blood test and saw elevated liver enzymes. Dr. said "Here is acid reflux meds, not sure whats happening, but bring him back in a few days and we can take an Xray"

Needless to say, less than 3 days later (middle of the night) I called Banfield and their VM says they are closed so call California Veterinary Specialists (CVS) so I did.

Dr. Hogan there was AWESOME. She felt his stomach and intestine area and immediately said "We have to do Xrays" She saw blurry spots and said based on what she is feeling she highly recommends exploratory surgery. I said fine, after she explained to me why and how time was of the essence.

Key difference between Banfield and CVS (Banfield expects you to be the vet for them, where CVS tells you what needs to be done to save your pet.)

I contacted Corporate for Banfield wanting help reimbursing the $2900 dollars that should have been attended to by Banfield and mostly covered under the wellness plan I have been paying for, for over 4 years. Corporate and Banfield said sorry, even though we cover hospital stays and the drugs for sedating and such, the cost would have been much more at Banfield ($4400).. Really, then why am I paying every month for shots that I can get much cheaper? I will get my dogs care somewhere else.. The least they could have done is repay me for the Acid Reflux medicine we paid for.

Just wait until my Lawyer contacts them. It would have been much easier and cheaper for them to deal with me.

I will now tell all my family and friends that have Banfield to LEAVE this company if they want their pets to live. My dog would not have made it if we followed the Vets recommendation Acid Reflux? really, it was a foreign body lodged and stuck in his stomach and intestines. Something you can feel if you are a true Vet with experience. Dr. Hogan felt it immediately and knew how to take care of it.. Way to go CVS and Dr. Hogan. I will send my friends and family to you.


Tried to call and cancel my membership for the wellness plan and I was told I have used services in October and have to pay $120.01 to cancel the membership. Know whats funny? the services I used in October was the blood test that they did at Banfield when they misdiagnosed my dog.. So not only did they rip me off with the wellness plan, but they now want to do it again.. So I reopened my complaint again. At least they will have it all documented for the legal proceedings...

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Good luck winning a suit against Banfield which is owned by Mars Corp. Even more to the point, Banfield is NOTHING if not thorough with their medical note taking.

And if they OFFERED you services that you or your husband declined at the time... Then fault lies with you, not the vet, and I guarantee they will have documentation to PROVE that. You also left out of your rant that your dog probably had been vomiting prior to the visit and once you decline all diagnostics, what choice do they have but to offer your dog SOME relief (hense the anti-acids).Why should banfield have to cover your vet bill from another location?!?because you called in the middle of the night and they weren't open? Would you demand that your own primary care dr should cover your ER cost because god forbid he wasn't available to see you at 2am??

People also forget the in the state of California, pets are u fortunately considered property and even in the one in gazillion chance you won a dime from them, you wouldn't get anything for pain and suffering. Speaking from personal experience, Banfield is an amazing company and they really do believe in PREVENTIVE CARE. That is what the WELLNESS (key word) plan is based on. It IS NOT an insurance plan, and it states it very clearly on the CONTRACT you sign.

It also states policy regarding CANCELING your plan prior to the membership end date. Maybe next time read, before you sign. How easy it to sit behind a computer and bad mouth a company who you obviously were happy with for 4 years. Tell the WHOLE story and not just your edited version of it.

There is a reason they are the NUMBER ONE veterinary practice in the world... They must be doing something right...