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MY DOG had 2 tumors removed and I had paid to send the off for histopaths to reveal what kind of cancer they were. a month later, no call from the vet, so I called them. I was told by a receptionist that the tumors were accidentlally thrown away . I demanded my money back and they fought tooth and nail. THis place is INcompetant!!

I cannot get hold of the customer service dept in Oregon. Im filing charges with the State veterinary board and with Petsmart. In my opinion, t his place should FIRE everyone and start over.....ANother friend of mine received the wrong shots and another friend was misdiagnosed and her PARVO dog DIED>>>>>>>

A lawsuit is taking place over this

Monetary Loss: $400.

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so they are going to charge you for 2 diagnostics they admit they didn't/cant perform?


I have used both vets numerous times and have found them and their staff extremely competent and caring. They discovered an underlying pancreatic condition that one of my dogs had suffered with for years and had been misdiagnosed by "big name" vets in the area.

I have also brought in strays that other vets wanted to euthanize, only to see the team nurse them back to complete health.

I don't dispute your story, but believe this was a one time mistake.

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