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We took our Weimaraner to Banfield a couple weeks ago for a leg problem. He has been limping for a few weeks now. We are members with Banfield and are enrolled in the Wellness plan. Seems as if everytime we go we are upcharged for things that are not necessary. But it looks good on paper because they show you how much money we have supposedly saved!

Anyway...we had xrays taken of our dogs leg. They informed us we would have a call back in a day or 2. After a couple days passed by, we decided to give them a call. They sent the x-rays to another facility to have them evaluated. (If i would have known this I should have just stayed with a private vet!) Days gone by, no phone calls. We repeatedly called them back asking when we would know the xray results. They told us they were having problems with an email system! (so...now they are using todays technolgy as an excuse to give me xray results) What ever happened to picking up the phone and overnight priority mail for medical data that is needed? I spent a couple hundred dollars on pain meds for my dog and also x-rays. Banfield has no customer service what-so-ever! They dont seem to have any urgency on my pets health. Its been about 10 days now and we went and picked up our records and xrays on a cd. We never were informed from a doctor at Banfield on the xray results. They never showed them to us. If this was a human life, I can guarantee you we would know what was wrong. In the mean time, Im going to a different vet where I can get xrays done and have a doctor show me them a few minutes later. Or maybe even a day later. I wont tolerate a hospital that puts lives of our pets in their hands but dont seem to have the same compassion we do as the pet owners. Im hoping we dont have a serious condition to our dog that time could have mended if found early. Please dont bring your pet to this facility. This is not a pet hospital.

Find yourself a real vet...thats what I'm going to do now.....

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I had the same experience - vets in training, not real vets that know what they are doing. See my recent post on here.

The lack of experience of the banfield vet cost me 600 dollars and Banfield is unwilling to accept responsibility. It is NOT the job of the consumer to pay a corporation to train their underqualified staff!!!

I will never be back, and I urge you never to go. Find a good local vet and stick with them.


I currently work at a Banfield, and I must really apologize for what happened to you. We do the X-rays at our hospital and the DVM goes over them with the owner when the come to pick their pets up, they are really thorough. Again, I apologize because it seems the Banfield you went to did not uphold the hospital's standards.