Bakersfield, California
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i called last week to inquire about purchasing banfield insurance. i was treated very rudely on the phone.

the girl kept calling me hon,as if i was *** or something. and she wouldn't let me finish asking my question before she would answer so i didn't get the information i needed. and worst of all she said we don't take epileptics here. i was offended my dog has a name, i love him even if he has epilepsy.

don't address him by his disease, thats rude and hurtful to me. i can accept that you dont want to take animals that really need insurance.

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Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that is not rare. Any small animal veterinarian has the knowledge to treat a dog with epilepsy.

This is a disease that we manage (unlikely to get a cure). Most of these pets do very well with (or sometimes without) seizure control drugs. A veterinarian may have a discussion with you about a consult with a neurologist or a specialist, but I find it unusual that they told you "we don't take epileptics here". This is typically a scenario that you WILL need a general practitioner, even if a specialist is involved in the pets care...

In general, Epilepsy will NOT prevent a pet from being signed up on one of their wellness plans... Hmmm...