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I would NEVER recommend or refer anyone to take their loved one to the Bandfield Pet Hospital in Antioch, California. My Chihuahua came in for dental cleaning & Dr.

Lobus recommended that she perform dental surgery. Being a concerned parent, I trusted her to do everything that she could to benefit my dogs health. I think that its nonsenses that Dr. Lobus would perform an invasive surgery & all her nurse, Destiny, could tell me was "Dr.

Lobus is slammed with patients". I don't understand how a Veterinarian could be too busy to explain the procedures that was done to my dog & touch bases with the family members. They were so quick to get me to pay for the bill, which was double the amount than what I anticipated, but they couldn't give me 5 minutes of their time to explain to me what they did to my dog. It wasn't until the nurse brought my dog out that I noticed that the sclera on her left eye was blood shot.

It boggles my mind to how the nurse did not detect that during the recovery period and could not explain to me why or what happened. That means she did not perform a head to toe assessment before releasing her out to the family and makes me question how closely they monitor their dogs during the recovery period. She rushed my dog to the back to be seen by Dr. Lobus.

Now all of a sudden Dr. Lobus came out to talk to us to tell us that "sometimes things like this happen to little dogs... it's a phenomenon that cannot be explained". Your a veterinarian, how can you not explain what happened to my dogs eye?!?!

I work in the healthcare profession & I can explain 3 logical reasons to how her blood vessels could have ruptured. Its insulting & disappointing that you trust these individuals with your pet that you love so much. To know that she was in the hands of careless individuals sickens me. To lie to the family & give a sugar coated answer and not be able to explain what happened makes me question their ethics & credentials.

For 3 hours after my dog was discharged my dog was moaning & crying out of sheer pain. The pain medication instructions told us to give the medication the next morning. Did they medicate my dog before releasing her? I ended up giving her the pain medication that night because it broke my heart to see the trauma & pain that she endured.

Please do not send your dog here! I would rather have paid double the amount of money to send my dog to someone who can truly cares for her wellbeing & makes time to speak & be honest with the family. Its all about customer service! On top of that, they prescribed & discharged my dog with medication that she did not need.

How much more careless & irresponsible can these people be?

We trusted them to take care of our loved ones & to see my dog in the condition that they sent her home in brought tears to my eyes. I hope that no one ever experiences what my dog has been through....

Monetary Loss: $1027.

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