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Went to crossville road, roswell ga, saw dr. Kimberly Franklin told her I was out of work and I needed the cheapest antibiotic for my dog...she prescribes cefpodoxime 200 milagrams...I repeat to her I am on a budget cant afford this please give me the cheapest antibiotic she refuses..went to Kroger Pharmacy they tell me that there is an alternative.

They call her she again refuses to give me an alternative...pharmasist at kroger is in shock tells me she has never seen anything like this...this woman is a BEAST! SHE SHOULD HAVE HER LICENSE REMOVED SHE IS PROBABLY GETTING A KICK BACK!!!!



Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Just FYI, as a vet, you can't just give any random antibiotic. Human practitioners often blame veterinarians for the creation of resistance in bacteria.

Cefpodoxime is the only antibiotic that works for certain skin conditions now due to incorrect use of the other antibiotics. Had she given you another type of antibiotic, not only would it not have worked (and you would end up spending more money on more antibiotics... then you would be complaining even more that you didn't get what you wanted), but she and you would have also been the cause of further resistant strains of bacteria. Before you or anyone else judges a veterinarian on his or her choice of treatment, remember that that person has gone to school for 8+ years to practice.

The fact that she prescribed cefpodoxime and didn't back down proves to me that she's up to date on her literature and refuses to cause more of an issue with bacterial resistance, which people like you who aren't educated on the subject cause.

Next time, before you start throwing blame and trying to bring a practitioner down through social media with your lack of knowledge on a subject, try to use some empathy and think of what other people who don't know the full story will assume: that a veterinarian (who in fact made a correct and informed decision) shouldn't be trusted with their pet. I hope that people who deal with you would also have that same empathy.


had to have our sweet 15 year old lab euthanized and took her to Banfield Roswell, GA. Most difficult thing we had to do ever.

The staff of Banfield were the most compassionate, caring, and nicest people ever.

From the young man who carried her into the store for us to the young lady who checked her out and helped us make tough decisions to the vet who was the most understanding and helped us through an incredibly difficult time. Thank you.


Update....took doggie to a local doctor after we finished the antibiotics because still....sick get this she not only was great and cheaper, but she prescribed a FREE antibiotic from publix....Yes FREE....It pays to go to your MOM and Pop VETS....thank you and DONT GO TO BANFIELD EVER AGAIN....ALY


Already called your "Client Advocate Team", Thursday of last week someone was suppose to call me up within, i think she said 72 hours...well no one has called me...but to no surprise....

@Allyson Arcieri

I just have to say that I believe more people need to speak out when these kind of things occur in order to hold those in care of our pets more accountable for their actions. Thanks Ally for speaking out.

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