Wichita, Kansas

I have two dogs which both are on the Banfield Healthcare Plans. Took both dogs in for their 6 month checkup and yearly teeth cleaning April the 4th. The oldest dog that I have was two weeks early (as the employee told me) and the only way to get the checkup and teeth cleaning the same time (that day) with my other dog was to pay the monthly payment at that time and then they wouldn't charge me a April 19 automatic payment. We would just be starting the new renewal of the contract two weeks early they said. I said OK and thought everything was alright until I got my May 2013 credit card bill.

While looking on bill I noticed Banfield had charged me 31.95 on April 5 2013 and also charged me 31.95 April 19th.

Talk to Banfield about it and tried to explain that within 30 days I had made 3 payments. (March 19th--April 5 and April 19th) As Banfields records also showed. They gave me some wild story.

I asked them what would of happened if I just would of waited two weeks to bring the dog in, they stated the contract would of just automatically renewed and I would of only made one payment on April 19th. So actually they charged me 31.95 for being two weeks early.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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