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I took my dog in for vaccinations and they talked me in to signing up for this wellness plan, saying how it saves money. Well, they ended up over inflating my bills to show a "SAVINGS" and when I called to cancel (they make you wait a LONG time), they will tell you you now owe double the "discounted" rate.

Don't get scammed like I did.

Don't go to Banfield. Find a local vet - they are WAY less expensive and care more about your animal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Overcharged and lied.

  • fraudulent ad
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so many people complain about the wellness plan and having to pay when they go to cancel the plan. why dont you guys just read the paperwork youre signing BEFORE you sign it? if you know of a cheaper hospital just go there, but dont complain about an agreement you freely signed.


Firstly, they don't "inflate" the prices to show you the savings. That is the price of their vaccines without the plans.

Are there places cheaper? Yes. But most of the low cost places don't use higher quality vaccines. Using cheaper, lower quality vaccines can increase the risk of a pet having a reaction due to having unnecessary adjuvants in them.

I'm not sure how long after you signed up, you called to cancel.

But in the contract that you signed, it states that if you cancel before the year is up, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe, or the services you have already used.

Whichever is cheaper for you.

I'm sorry you feel like they don't care about the animal just based on their pricing. The location I use has always been fantastic and I've never had a problem.


They do not care about animals. How many do they kill with their incompetence?

Most have extremely bad ratings. They deceptive in presenting the Wellness Plan. I paid 127 to get both my Savannahs fixed. This is with pain meds, cone, IV, and incubation.

Blood work was 50. You can get real pet insurance for what Banfield charges. Not to mention they use cheap vaccinations and products that are known to cause major health issues with animals. They over vaccinate..

Um.. They suck! Why would anyone pay 50 bucks for a vet exam? You can get better vaccinations at Golden State and not have a horrible reaction.

My own will give vx without a exam. As do many.


That is so not true! Why do so any pets have severe allergic reactions to this supposedly better vaccinations?

They use products that have proven to cause harm to animals, and cause allergic reactions. That way, the pet parent has to bring their animal back for the allergic reaction. I mean genius! The low quality products cause health issues and then this also causes a large amount of health issues and more appointments and over inflated products that are marked up 100 plus from market value.

Hopefully at some point the pet parents get suspicious and takes their fur baby off every thing. Suddenly their dog is healthy, sometimes the pet is permanently damaged and has to be euthanized. Banfield has murdered way to many animals in the name if greed. This company lacks morals and any decency.

You should not sell any products that has proven to harm pets. Not should you over vaccinate pets the way your company does! I have read story after story of so many animals dying due to this. You all should be ashamed.

Also, the dog and cat food you recommend, is *** too.

It just happens to be manufactured by the same company! Talk about self interest! I feed my pets are and wet food.

Talk about a difference in health! Science Diet is ***!


Oh how ignorant you are.

A pet can have a reaction to ANYTHING.

Doesn't mean it's a bad product and it's nothing that the vet did. There are also certain breeds on a list called the "High risk vaccine reactors"

If a pet is one of those breeds, or is a small dog getting multiple vaccines, they will recommend getting a diph injection prior to the vaccine to HELP PREVENT A REACTION.


Also, if your pet has a vaccine reaction, depending on the type of reaction, the vaccine manufacturer will pay for treatment. So there goes your theory on them wanting a pet to have a reaction so the owner brings the pet back in.

There is also NO WAY to predict a vaccine reaction. There is NO WAY for a vet to make sure the pet has a vaccine reaction, not that any vet would do that!

I'm really sick of people who think they know everything, but really don't know anything other than what they read online, bashing vets. Just a little hint for you. Don't believe everything you read online.

As for royal canin and science diet. The reason vets (not just banfield) recommends them is because those 2 companies are 2 of the only companies who have scientific research and feeding trials to back up their food. Other brands get some ingredients, put them together, package them up and sell them.

Most don't have a good balance of ingredients. By the way, I do NOT work at Banfield.


That is why there was a recall on them recently?! Ya, great food, so how many recalls is that now?


Anonymous below me, I can't reply to your comment.

The science diet recall wasn't every product they make.

It was 1 specific cat food and not even all, just a couple lot numbers.

Just because a food has a recall doesn't mean it's a terrible food. Almost every pet food out there has had a recall. Some of the recalls are regarding labeling issues, some possible contamination etc.

So again, just because there's a recall doesn't mean first, that it's every bag of food made by that company as it's usually only certain lot numbers, and second it doesn't mean it's a terrible food.

Blue buffalo was recently SUED for lying about their ingredients. AGAIN. It was their 2nd or 3rd lawsuit for lying about ingredients and even after testing, they are still denying their claims.

I'm not saying Royal Canin and Science diet are the only good foods out there.

There's alot of others. But they are 2 of the only brands who do feeding trials, have a balance of ingredients and have scientific research for their food. Especially their veterinary diets.

Banfield doesn't sell prescription diets, therefore they don't make money on prescribing them. Banfield doctors, at least the 2 I USED to work with, only recommended prescription diets for pets who truly needed them.

They work wonders. As for the royal canin & science diet NON prescription food. The vets I worked with never recommended changing the food as long as it was a good food (not just RC or SD) and the pet was doing well on it.

The only time they'd recommend switching is if the pet needed to be on a prescription diet, or if the pet wasn't doing well on the food they were currently on, or if it was an extremely cheap food with little to no nutritional value. In the late 2 instances, they would give a variety of options of different foods, not just royal canin and science diet.