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I just want to include my positive review of Banfield as a whole, as well as the Wellness plans. Human beings are 7 times more likely to post a negative review than a positive one, so I thought I'd give readers another perspective. With that said, I firmly believe that each location is different and before deciding on any vet, Banfield or not, you should visit the office before making any final decisions.

I attend the Banfield pet hospital located inside the Oviedo, Florida Petsmart and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences. I am a member of the Wellness plan for my 7 month old pup and the plan has saved me nearly $400 in the months that I have had it. There is a $25 a month fee, but considering a regular office visit is $35, if you go to the vet even once a month, you are instantly saving money. And as any puppy owners know, going to the vet happens a lot! The doctors and vet techs have all been beyond helpful and friendly and I would recommend their service to anyone!

Again, each location is different, just do your own research :)

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