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My 14 yr old, female dog has become incontinent, leaking when she sleeps. It's a problem of old age...even in humans.

I could see testing to rule outinfection but I instinctively knew that it was old age.

After being required to pay for a second office visit and second urine test and 300 dollars later, Banfield came to the same conclusion, old age and lack of control. Prescibed med that has helped but to get refill I am required to pay for another office visit and exam...this is crazy, she's an old dog losing control, give me the meds that help before all of my carpet is ruined!

Banfield, Rancho Cucamonge but most general policy at all, just out to collect as much as possible...no reasonable service or caring for pet or human owners.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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I don't know if you've read up on ppa but it'd a drug that can be pretty rough on the body, a dogs incontinence has to be severe before a doctor would even recommend keeping them on it. Even after that they need to be constantly monitored by blood work to make sure the drug isn't causing too much damage.

I would be concerned if they didn't ask for a recheck, or bloodwork to monitor... Banfield may require more but they are no more expensive than any other doctors office or vet office, and if you find the cheapest place in town you're usually getting what you pay for.


for the 800millionth time, the WELLNESS PLAN offered by Banfield is NOT PET INSURANCE. please educate yourself BEFORE you signup.

it is very specific about what it DOES cover-so if your pet gets sick, the office visit is free but NOT medicine or tests. If you are signing up and think it will cover any possible problem that can ever happen to your dog, READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING.

If you sign for a car loan do you get mad because when you need to pay for gas or new tires do you scream at customer service? BUYER BEWARE-you are the *** if you sign for it and decide later you are not happy with what you signed for


When you go to the Human Doctor is the office visit free? Do they do bloodwork, urinalysis or xrays for FREE?

Nobody cares about these charges b/c they have INSURANCE, medicaid or simply don't pay it. But if they have to lay out $ to a vet (Does anyone realize that vets are medical professionals that actually have to go to school to obtain a license just like human docs?)right away they are angry b/c they feel it should be done out of the goodness of their hearts.

Vets have to pay for lab equipment, medicines, etc and although they would LOVE to work for free, someone has to pay for the overhead. If you are concerned enough about your pet to bring it to the vet (even after you have diagnosed the issue yourself), please know that just like YOUR doctor, it is not free.

Banfield Pet Hospital

We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to address your specific situation, and calling our customer advocacy is the best way to reach us: 1-877-500-2288. Your feedback really does let us understand your situation better, and it helps us improve our overall service.


So if I call your customer service number "cause you would really appreciate it," are you going to refund all the money banfield stole from me in their redeciulous charges? Everything everyone else has said is true, don't believe the Banfields hospital post trying to save face, they are liars!!!


I called and canceled my dogs insurance (which I have proof of) and then a couple of months later I got a collections notice saying I needed to provide them one months written notice even though I was no longer under contract. They are theives.


@ the good son... Your sense of humor leaves a lot to be desired.

That comment wasn't even funny!!! :upset :x :upset


I agree with you completely about excessive charges. I was new in town and did not know any vets to take my dog to.

He was 11 years old with arthritis and becoming incontinent. They did an xray and told me he had cancer and did not have long to live and that he would suffer and I should put him down. I was so upset. I saw the xray and it did show some problems.

They charged me over $900 for cremation. I loved this dog so much and I am still not over it 3 years later.

They made me feel that I had no other choices.

I will never go there again! I found a great vet for my other dogs and I am sticking with him.


My now 10 year old female rottweiler is on two meds for her entire life to control "leaking" or incontinence and I had to start the meds when I adopted her at about 2 1/2 years old. My vet has never demanded any visits outside of annual check ups / vaccines to continue the meds.

My rotti has a very high quality life but her older age has forced us to bump up the med dosage a little and yes she still drips in her sleep but I can't complain about my carpets. I bought a commercial carpet extractor because I love my dog and my carpets. The meds are a maintenance dose of Stibesterol and daily dose of PPE. Many female dogs have this condition and spaying sometimes makes it worse so I can't see how it would be a quality of life issue.

Most of you unfit humans are walking medicine cabinets when all it would take to reduce or eliminate most meds is good health and fitness but let's not wander off the issue at hand here. So if your vet is demanding new tests and visits other than annuals, it's time for a new vet too. It has been my experience that some vets will raid your pockets before they tell you what they already know because you love Fido so much. My vet is two towns away but takes care of all the dogs in our town's K-9 unit and I put stock in that!!!

Good luck with your dog Thekas209 and to *** with all the other nasty comments! If you want to contact me, my email is SEADOOED@comcast.net


Geez, people are ridiculous - they do not seem to regard veterinarians as the "real doctors" they are. You can't just call up your G.P and demand a refill on something; the doctor simply will not do it unless they see you first!

It's just the same for veterinarians, they are "real doctors" too!

People, educate yourselves before complaining senselessly like this. :]


I am very sad to read this, as it seems that you are more worried about your carpet than the quality of life your dog is experiencing in its old age. You have clearly taken good care of the dog if it really is 14 years old so why are you complaining about the cost of a urinalysis and follow-up office visit?

Just like a human doctor, once a medicine runs out of refills, you have to go back to the doctor! That way, the doctor can make sure that it would not be irresponsible of them to authorize a refill. Can you imagine the lawsuits and complaints that would result if veterinarians operated like most people think they should? Why does this not make sense to some people?

Also, how about take the dog out more often? How about using doggy diapers to help in the times your dog simply cannot control its bladder? And lastly, you yourself stated that your dog is old and losing control, so how about considering that if your dog is miserable and wetting itself constantly, it might be time to consider euthanasia?

I worked at a vet for several years, and it really was a shame to see what people would put elderly dogs through, when it was simply time to let go. You do not realize or appreciate how good it was of them to test for infection, because if you intuitively thought it was old age, somebody with a degree in veterinary medicine knew it was too even before they saw your dog.

Would you have rather have the vet tell you that it's time to put your dog down? If it were me, I would rather pay the money and try to come up with a treatment that would help my pet, but not if it meant decreasing its quality of life.


Captain Obvious shut up you *** !! if only there was somewhere to take idiots like you for a complete re-fit !!!


Shame on this company, thank god there is websites like this to expose the dirty dealing of companies, whose only aim is make more money. You will loose buisness if you carry on like that, and coming on here with your "oh dear, let us help" seems a bit late to me.


Duuuuhhh. If you instinctively knew it was old age, then why in the first place did you take your dog there.

Sounds like you are a ***. I'm sure that there are other Vets in your area, so why not go to one of them. Or better yet, don't let your poor old doggie sleep where there is carpet. Hmm thats sounds like common sense.

@the good soon, I just have one thing to say.... LOL.


We strive to provide our clients and their Pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concern, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 1-877-500-2288 to tell us what happened.


When my grandmother became incontinent I took her right down to Banfield and demanded they put that *** to sleep and they REFUSED! I explained several times that she PISSED ON MY COUCH and that euthanasia was the only pragmatic option. Then these *** wanted to call the cops.