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I thought Banfield Pet would be a good place to take my dogs. The I figure out the scam.

They have you sign up with the wellness plan and every visit they will push selling you something you can get cheaper. I took my dog in for a x ray on her leg.I signed the paper and left and called within the hour that I changed my mind I got there and the doctor came out and showed me the results. I said you did the work that I canceled. He said ya.

I said I am so mad I called and canceled. He was a rude *** I felt over 500 dollars for x rays and medicine was way to much I did have them *** the Lyme test. What a joke used car salesman and dare to home and call to complain The co owner doctor was non professional and was close to yelling at me.

I learned the hard way. RIP OFFS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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@Banfield advocate You wrote:

"All nurses are required to complete about 80 lessons online, as well as be highly qualified just to be hired (most have either vet-tech training or college degrees). What other veterinarian clinic places such an emphasis on education?"

Are you kidding me? I want every person who works on my dog to have vet-tech traing and not some *** on-line training either. There is a reason to be a Vet-tech requires you to get a two year degree. I have my B.S. in Criminology I wonder if I should get a job a Banfields.

Oh and quick answer to your question ALL OF THEM except Banfield and they take it seriously... And have real Vet-techs....


I purchased the Banfield wellness plan, it was great at first! But, the wait time is just ridiculous!

You wait almost 2 hours for you scheduled appointment. The 1st hour you wait on a bench, then the next hour you wait in a room for a Vet to come in and see you! My poor dog just can't take it any more!!

Stick a fork in me I am done, going back to my orignal vet..At least when they set and appointment it is always on time they don't over book! VERY POOR TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS!


To Banfield advocate - I used to work at BF, and I will tell you that in the market I worked in, there were only 2 licensed techs between the 10+ hospitals. Most of the people that worked in this market had NO formal training and were doing dentals by themselves.

And, the hospital is only as good as the doctors.

I worked with many of them, and while I ran into the compassionate doc, there were more that were only concerned with the money they made... Why do you think most of the compassionate docs only last a year with that company?


Banfield does A LOT to make sure their nurses and doctors and very well educated. All nurses are required to complete about 80 lessons online, as well as be highly qualified just to be hired (most have either vet-tech training or college degrees).

What other veterinarian clinic places such an emphasis on education? As far as being charged every time for something, you are misunderstanding. The outlook at Banfield is to recommend THE BEST MEDICINE. We understand that this may be outside the financial capabilities of the client, but it would be irresponsible for a veterinary hospital to notice a problem without mentioning it and recommending a treatment.

For example, if your dog has a bunch of brown discharge in its ear, we are going to recommend an ear cytology to determine what kind of infection it is as well as medications to treat that infection. I'm sorry that you don't take good enough care of your animal that you need recommendations each time you come in.


I work for an emergency vet clinic and we see WAY too many bad cases from the three Banfield hospitals in our area. They are notorious for terrible communication with clients, other vets, and even within their own hospitals.

It is entirely possible that the work was not done before the owner canceled but the "techs" there that did the work were never told not to do it.

I would never, ever, recommend Banfield to anyone. No need to look for *** care at Wal-Mart or K-Mart; it's already *** at Banfield.


I wouldn't say they are rip offs. But I would say that the monthly fee has consistenly gone up for the last several years.

We are paying about $300.00 yearly just to have our dog on the plan, then we end up paying for medicines whenever we take our dog in, or fees for this and that. I just think you have to figure out if it's worth it for your budget and your pet's needs. Would it cost more to take your dog to the vet once in a while, or is it worth it to have your dog on a plan and pay other fees when you take your dog to the vet anyway. It's an individual choice.

I do find that my Banfield Hospital is courteous and professional. However, it does seem to be the case that they charge you at every visit for something, and it always ends up being expensive.

Last December my dog needed an emergency C-section because she could not give birth to her puppies on her own. Because the Banfield hospital did not perform surgery at night, and we were forced to take her there after we got out of work, we had a choice, risk her dying and take a day off of work by bringing her back the next day, or take her to an emergency Vet hospital.

Of course, we chose to take her to the emergency hospital and ended up paying $1,718.00 out of pocket. Banfield charged us for the xrays but could not do the surgery.

So again we pay Banfield every month, but then had to pay another hospital when we really needed them. So like I said it's a matter of what is best for your family's budget.


You obviously canceled the xray after it was taken and after you initially okayed it. They can't take the xray back after it's done and if you said it was okay to do in the first place then you should pay for it. That's like going to the dentist for a filling and after they finish it you decide you don't want it. The work is already done, you okayed it up front, if you wanted to think about it you should have took your dog home and done the research then.

No ones fault but your own.

I'm guessing by your blog that the doctor wasn't the only one that was rude.

No sympathy here.

If you want cheap/crappy care for your pet then you should see if kmart or walmart has a vet available.