Massillon, Ohio

I took my dog in Sat., 5/28/11 because my vet was closed for the holiday. I wouldn't have been able to get her in until Tues.

I didn't think her problem could wait until then. She was rubbing and scratching her right ear. The vet at Banfield said she had a yeast infection so she gave me an ear wash and an ointment to put in both ears. I spent $118.

I was to follow up w/ them or my vet 6/11. I could not wait until then. On 6/6/11 I called my vet because BOTH ears got very red and hot to the touch. My dog was miserable!

My vet saw her 6/7 and found that the medication that she was put on was an old remedy and could have caused the ears to get worse. Her ears were full of bacteria. He administered a one time very thick ointment and sent me home w/ antibiotics. I spent $138.

I called the vet at Banfield, she was unwilling to do anything but recheck my dog. Why in would I want my dog rechecked by her when I had just come from my own vet?

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YOU are responsible to be sure you put the appropriate medication on your cat or dog,not the vet tech or vet.What were you thinking?Next time,have the vet or tech apply the topical flea treatment,so you do not make a mistake that can sicken your beloved animal.


Yet another reason not to wait until the weekend for an animal to be seen by your vet.These things always occur on a holiday or weekend.I know!


If they mislabeled the medications, or failed to issue the appropriate warnings, they may be liable. Id consider contacting your state board of veterinary medicine to be safe. If they are found to have violated a practice act they may very well be liable for the bill to treat the cat and its seizure.


I Went to petsmart to buy frontline for both my kitten and dog, they conveniently didn't have it instock, the store personal directed me to the banfield clinic in there store, which kindly sold me there brand "first shield" I believe it was called. They failed to tell me that the stuff for the dog was toxic to my cat and not until after I put the *** on my animals did I notice they put the dog stuff in the cat bag an cat in the dog bag.

My himalayan kitten which I just purchased 3 days prior started having seisures.

I then took my kitten back to banfield an they told me for 300 bucks they would put an IV in him but they didn't know if he would live..... I left an went to a real vet!

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