For years I have had an ins health plan for my dogs thru Banfield. After moving to Ocala, Fl from Ft.

Laud. I have become very disappointed with Banfield. You think you are getting a good deal with their pet hlth coverage, but are really being ripped off. The quality of care sucks.

My poor little dog had rectal bleeding for almost a month, they kept giving him antibiotics and said he needed his anal sacs removed....$800 +(with my plan almost $700). I took him to the vet my new husband uses for his dogs. Who was apalled not only at the price of the surgery, but at the fact he did not need this surgery at all.

He had toxidia parasites. I am ready to sue the pants off Banfield.

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Owners how many of you when signing up for the "plan" knew that it was NOT "insurance" please say "aye" in your comments. They act and treat me as a dumb *** that needed to be taught reading lessons.

I was aware that these plans are NOT insurance. I am not pissed about the price nor the fact that they are trying to *** blood. What I'm pissed about is the things they did to my pooch. They repeat themselves saying that we needed this and that and I bought it(medications) for my pooch little did I know that I was shoving my pooch closer and closer to death.

Luckily, thanks to my education background(biology student pre-med) in medicine I took him off the medication and took him to a different vet. After week he was up and running.

Banfield Pet Hospital


Please be encouraged to call us to discuss your experience, 877-500-2288. Thank you.


I brought my dog to banfield on emergency as she washaving issues breathing they said she neededcalcium

and gave it to her prescribing over the


the next day my vet tested and said they were killing her with too much stop calcium she had blood in her lungs

banfield still is trying to charge me $500 for trying to kill my dog even told me I needed to fix my champion golden or she could die

false vet said no way she is fine

it will be a cold day in *** that I ever give them a penny

they lost this kennel I've got 5 dogs and 3 cats rescue 50 animals a year

none will ever go to banfield


I was dumb and enrolled my pup (now 11 months old) in the Puppy Plan because Banfield was the closest and she needed to go to a vet. They charged me $100 and $25 a month.

When she was a puppy (2 months old-ish) she fell off the bed and got her foot caught in the bed frame. It never got swollen and she would only limp anymore if she played too rough. I recently took her in to get a fecal exam and I picked her up and she wasn't walking on her back right leg. I tried to brush it off thinking maybe she twisted when she was getting her legs checked out but I woke up the next morning and it looked like there was a golf ball in her ankle and she still wasn't walking on it.

I immediately called them PISSED because when I dropped her off she was walking on all 4s. They told me to bring her and when I picked her up they gave me free pain meds and said to keep her rested for a couple weeks. I did my best at this, and the swelling at gone down, but there was something sticking out. I took her back in for a 2-week check up and the vet said "Well, we can do x-rays but it's going to be $488.

I won't be able to tell you what it is without an x-ray." Well I got her to narrow it down for me that it could either be a broken bone, a broken bone that is calluced from healing, or a bone infection. I had my dad call down to their vet and I went there yesterday and it cost me under $100 and he knew just by looking at it what was wrong with her ankle. He did the x-ray just to be sure, but he was right without it. Once this plan is up, I will not be going to Petsmart again.

They will *** over and try to get as much money from you as possible.

They don't care, they just want your money. :(


I took my kitten to Banfield in Champaign, Il with a coupon for a free exam that I found online. They seemed really nice except that they were shamelessly pushing the Wellness plan.

Being in college, I was hesitant to go for something that would cost that much money, so I said I would take a brochure and think about it just to shut them up. My kitten wondered around the room and when I picked him up when the vet walked in, I noticed a dead flea on his nose.

I know that this isn't a bad story like everyone elses, but I could not get him out of there fast enough. Clean your floors, Banfield, that's just disgusting.


I believe the name of the parasite is actually coccidia. Toxidia is the genus name of certain butterflies

Banfield Pet Hospital

To clarify, Banfield Wellness Plans are not insurance. Unlike insurance, our Wellness Plans are preventative services Pets need throughout the year, packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option.

At Banfield, it’s our mission to provide our clients and their Pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit.

We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concern, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 1-877-500-2288 to tell us what happened.

Banfield Pet Hospital

To clarify, Banfield Wellness Plans are not insurance. Unlike insurance, our Wellness Plans are preventative services Pets need throughout the year, packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option.

At Banfield, it’s our mission to provide our clients and their Pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit.

We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concern, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 1-877-500-2288 to tell us what happened.


It's time to end the *** Don't you guys see we all have been SCAMMED, CHEATED and DECEIVED!!


Banfield Pet Hospital is a sham. I was a loyal custom and did not pay attention to the warning signs. I was paying thousands over the years while I noticed that my friends, whose pets did not have the Banfield Wellness Plan had healthy dogs,while mine were needing medicine and operations all the time. After the first wellness check up many years ago. My dogs had a overall condition of excellent health.

They were in excellent health. There after it was one problem after the other. Once a Banfield vet tried to make me feel guilty for not paying 700 dollars for medicine and treatment. I was told that caring pet owners would do that. My dog got well with out the medication. Another time the Banfield vet wanted to take out my dogs eardrums because of an infection. I said not. I did not want my dog to be deaf.

The infection cleared up with medication ( I sincerely thank God I did not have the $2000 operation that was being pushed on me). Still I was trusting of Banfiled. Then one of my dogs developed a problem, with an abnormal urinalysis. A vet tech. took me outside and gave me the urinalysis and told me that there was nothing wrong with my dog. When I refused treatment I was treated with rudeness and insulted by the vet. I left and went to another Banfield hospital. I thought I would have better treatment. It was so odd to me that my friends who did not use Banfield had dogs who did not need medical treatment all the time. One Banfield doctor looked at all the money I was spending on my dogs at Banfield and stated thatI was definitely not a neglectful pet owner. I have spent thousands of dollars at Banfield. There are more instances of money grabbing and my dogs being always ill with something. This last incident has made me want to sue Banfield. It was cruel, callous, calculated, arrogant actions that forced my dog to live with a cancer that could have been removed when it was 2 - 3cm by the vet's own record, but I was told the surgery could not be done. In fact when he told me he thought my dog had cancer I asked where was it. He told me he did not know (in fact he did know, he knew where, and what and it could have been removed with minimal complications to my dog. He made the decision that my dog would not have surgery. He put in his notes that surgery was not an option for the dog. I did not say that. I was told that he did not know where the tumor was. A month later I found a hard lump in the anal area of my pet. I ran to Banfield. The same doctor told me that that was the cancer. I asked about surgery, he again denied it. He told me that my dog would deteriorate and die soon. I began preparing my family to loose our pet. My dog was still active, playful as this monster tumor began to grow. He was eating and running everyday, maintaining his weight. I went back again after the visit a month ago. I asked for the tumor to be removed and was denied. This time by two doctors. They told me he had had a good life and the one doctor told me that my dog would not greet me when I came home and would deteriorate. It would cost me $100 dollars to put him to sleep. I said I would not do that to a dog who was so wanting to live and so eager to play go out for a walk and had so much *** in him. The Banfield doctors refused to do the surgery. My dog was still going for walks and runs, he was now having difficulty passing stools as the tumor was blocking his small intestines at the anus. I modified his diet to allow more fiber to make passing stools easier. The doctors at Banfield did nothing to advise me as to how to support his will to live and make his life comfortable. My prayers and Gods care for my dog helped me with his diet and exercise. Now four months later, it was time for the wellness plan comprehensive examination. Both doctors seemed amazed that my dog was still happy, active and maintaining his weight. I asked again about the surgery. I was told no and that he could live a year with this tumor. Is was so cruel to force him to suffer slowly and die. He was being denied treatment and being forced to die. My dog wanted to live and he was working so hard to stay alive. I was giving him medication for pain. I was out. I asked Banfield for a prescription for more medication. Both doctors were reluctant to give me more but did concede to a prescription of 20 tablets. I order through Petmeds. I wrote them a letter and told them about my dogs struggle to live. They were able to talk the vet into giving me an order of 30 tablets. Banfield was forcing my dog to die. He wanted to live and I wanted to support him. I found another veterinary care facility and ran into a friend there. God was watching out for my dog. She introduced me to a vet who did the most thorough examination of my dog that I had ever seen in all my years at Banfield. She examined him and had the surgeon examine him. Now the tumor was huge! It was ugly.I was so touched my dog's will to live. He was feisty, active energetic and suffering with a huge cancer. They made no promises,told me the same possible outcomes the Banfield doctors used to deny the surgery, but they could and would do the surgery if I wanted it. It was up to me. They had done this for other dogs who were the same age as my dog and had both good results. They found that his lungs and liver and kidneys had not been affected, there was not spread of the cancer. I had the surgery done and my dog did well! The tumor was encapsulated. He did not loose his sphincter muscle control. He could pass stools right after the surgery. It was an amazing surgery. I am so grateful for the skill of the surgeon and the compassion of the facility. I am so happy for my dog who wanted to live. The vets at the care center treated my dog with such loving care. They saw his will to live and supported it. They were surprised at his rapid and solid recovery. I can not put into words the cruelty, the callousness the arrogant manner in which Banfield tries to force my dog to die. I begged Banfield to help my dog. The doctor denied my dog the care he needed and the corporation stood behind him. I called the corporate office to cancel the wellness plan as was told that I would be taken to a collector if I did not pay it. The surgery cost me thousands of dollars because the tumor was so large. I do not have money like that. I went into debt to have the surgery. It has been worth it. I love to see my dog smile and play. He wanted to live. The BAnfield doctors and corporation continuously denied my dog the surgery. I had many an emotional conversation with them before going forward with the veterinary care facility that did do the surgery. After calling and emailing my complaint, the Banfield doctor was now willing to give me an order of 30 tablets with 2 renewals for pain medicine. Before that not only did Banfield want to force my dog to die, but was not willing to have him have the medication for pain that he needed.They were not planning to renew his pain medication prescription because they thought he should be put to sleep. After the surgery the vet who was giving the primary care for my dog had samples meds and gave me the pain med without charge. After many complaints, I have never heard back from BA

Banfield. I am angry, I am still paying for a wellness plan scam that is out to victimize the pet and the pet owner. I was a believer in Banfield. Like others I thought I was acting in the best interest of my pet. I ignored the warning signs, believed in the vets and the hospital. After the horrendous experience of the cancer and the forced suffering of my dog, I think Banfield needs to be investigated for consumer fraud. Preventative care necessitates that a cancer be removed as soon as possible. I did not know where the cancer was. The Banfield vet did. I did not choose the costly ultrasound to find it (this was not required at the facility that successfully removed the tumor). The Banfield vet denied the surgery. He both knew where and the size of the tumor six months before the other facility did the surgery and forced my dog to inhumane suffering for six months. It was emotionally traumatic. I have more incidents of the money focus abuse of myself as a consumer at the risk of my pets health. All are recorded in the medical records at both clinics.


The issues I have with Banfield are that the procedure they wanted to do to my cat was a decision made in haste...they wanted to put a probe down my cat's stomach to see if anything was hung up in there instead of seeing if it was just an upset stomach that was causing her to throw up. ALSO-when they gave me that info, it totalled over $400, and when I asked if they offered payment plans, they said no...I had NO CHOICE but to go to another vet to get help.

In the end, she DID NOT need an ultrasound, and the vet I went to even said that she did not like how hasty the other doctor was in wanting to do said ultrasound.

Banfield is a money-hungry business focused more on making a buck than helping pets and owners. In the process of "quitting" Banfield...


I just had a terrible experience with Banfield in Richmond, VA, after several years of good care of my pets when I lived in TX. I used to think it was a chain with a good consistent standard of care for your pets, and the peace of mind to know they were always taken care of.

Instead, they seem to have really reduced the standards for their staff hiring/training, as well as the service the vet provides. The vet at the Chesterfield location feels entitled to talk down to customers and shows no empathy at all. This in turn translates to a staff that gives you attitude, and when they mess up do their "communication problems" (i.e., do not perform the services they agreed to perform, twice) feels like you should pay for it. Well, I still believe that a customer should be treated like a customer, and not be made to just fork up the money at will...particularly in this day and age when everyone else goes out of their way to delight customers.

The truth is, had I known what the standard of care (or lack thereof) was at the local Banfield, I would not have cared to renew the annual subscription. I have been a loyal customer for 7+ years but apparently that does not count for much...


I used to take my cat to Banfield- every time I took him, I'd end up taking him back a week later. He would end up with various problems- including fleas, ear mites to name a few.

A Wellness Plan does no good when a pet owner brings the cat in for a "covered" well visit but has to pay an exorbitant amount a week later for some other problem. Also, the vets were uneducated and unprofessional.

My cat has been well for a year and has not been to Banfield in a year! Not a coincidence!!


I do understand the contract, and I actually read before signing. However when I signed up the vets at our location were GREAT, at this time not a single one of those vets remain at our location, they have all gone on to greener pastures, or at least pastures that are not fertilized with corporate selling practices.

We deeply regret signing the contract, and will cancel prior to it's expiration and NEVER go back again.

My advice to anyone looking to purchase a plan from Banfield, DON'T, go elsewhere, for the sake of your beloved pet.


Dear DPN: Are you a CVT? You are correct.

Parasites, especially coccidia do may not show up for 48 to 72 hours. That is why one must instruct the pet owner to collect all stools within that time frame. Removal of anal sacs, for what purpose? The standard treatment is Albon Injection 40 to obtain effective blood levels almost immediately.

Then sulfadimethoxine drugs such as Albon, Bactrovet, or Tribrissen is ordered in suspension or pill form for 5 days or to stop 48 hours after symptoms have stopped.

A director of Pet nursing should be a CVT with much experience just as in human medicine. Furthermore, try to be a bit more polite to your customers.


Does anybody on this planet read things before you sign??? Everything on that very legal contract very clearly states what the plan is, and isn't.

It clearly states it is NOT INSURANCE. The duration of the plan, how to cancel, and how it works. You are basically paying off the services you use over a year instead of in lump sums. So even if your pet dies before the year is up you have to pay off the services you used.

That is fair. The plan is for preventive care only. In hopes that taking consistent care of your pets prevents illnesses. You do however get a discount off other things not preventive.

The contract doesn't claim to cover illness.When I worked at Banfield I had to force people to read the contract. Most people didn't want to be bothered. I also followed up by mailing them facts on the plan. Still ignorance is bliss I guess.

The same people who didn't want to take a second to read where the first to throw a fit when something happened. I also made sure that people were sent reminders 30 days before the contract was set to renew so they could cancel it. No matter what was said to get you interested in the plan you still had the chance to read the contract. There is no excuse good enough as to why you didn't read before you signed.

Im not saying Banfield gives the best service ever, but still READ BEFORE YOU SIGN. It would save you a lot of grief. If you didn't then don't blame someone else for your laziness. Oh and PS Veterinary medicine cost money!

Most the diagnostics are the same as ran for people.

Medicine is not cheap by any means. So please expect to spend some money if your pet is sick.


Your plan is not "health insurance" it is preventitive care, there is a big difference. You mean Coccidia :eek not toxidia.

Parasites don't always show up in one fecal sample.

They did the correct steps of action regardless of the dx they gave you. If the fecal was negative at the time, they would have no reason to assume such and perhaps that was aquired after the original issue.


there is no such parasite as toxidia. Either you re an *** or your new vet is.