San Mateo, California

I work at a Banfield in the Bay Area and I hope everyone doesn't think all banfields are bad. My Staff truely cares about our patients and cares about our clients.

We care for all our patients as if they we our own pets and provide the best animal care we can. My team believes in values such as loyality, trust and communication to our clients. We try to education clients on the best animal care possible that is available to their pets. I will say that the majority of clients we have love us and we love taking care of there pet.

So please come to our hopsital see how we work and you will see how well we can take care of you and your pet. Location San Carlos, CA 1691.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Thank you and yes it is true, we are competely under paid. But I stay for the PETS.

I am there for them and nothing us. And of course they're bad reviews on yelp. People only go on yelp to complain as well as here Melissa Holden. Yes, I know who you are because there are only a few of our clients that don't like us.

We have around 1,000 pets on Plans at San Carlos and there are about 20 clients that don't like us and you are one of them.

Not everyone is going to like us, we can't make everyone happy but hey if you don't I'm sorry and maybe you can find a veterinary clinic you like in the future. I wish you the best of luck.


i was ROFL when i read this. Quote:

"The vets either don't know what they're talking about or they can't speak any English."


Sorry to post twice, but just check the Yelp for Banfield in San Carlos, CA. I am not the only one with a poor experience.


This Banfield (San Carlos) is by far the worst Banfield I have been to. Just like every other place, they nickel and dime you for everything.

The men who work their don't know a thing about pet care, and the girls have attitude.

The vets either don't know what they're talking about or they can't speak any English. After my pet's plan expires I will NEVER be going to another Banfield.


To the previous poster - you need to chill out and not be so rude. I am not dumb nor new.

I have worked at other hospitals that don't have the kind of monitoring equipment as Banfield, don't have in-house blood machines, etc. Banfield just revamped their anesthesia protocol based on the latest research. I love being a part of a company that never compromises safety under anesthesia (ie by not making pre-anesthetic woodwork, iv/fluids optional, etc) and who keeps up to date with the latest advances. Are we unique in that?

No, certainly not, other places do to, but a lot don't. I'm not claiming that banfield is the greatest, only good hospital out there.

I'm just saying I like their commitment to safety and the latest advances.

And please don't attack people like that, it makes you seem bitter and immature.


Are you serious? The drugs and equipment are pretty standard all across vet med.

Do you really think Propofol, Buprenorphine, or Butorphenol are only used at banfeild? Do you really think that an ECG or Oulse Ox monitor are only used at banfeild? Do you really think only banfeild runs pre-anesthesia blood work? If you do i must say you are very new to vet med or just dumb.

All these things i mentioned i used in vet school 20 years ago honey. Get over yourself.


I applaud you for standing up to these bullies. It's easy to blame a corporation when you are unsatisfied.

The truth is, we all care deeply for the welfare of these animals.

TRUST US PEOPLE, we are NOT in it for the money. I could get paid more elsewhere, but chose to work at Banfield because of the advanced technology we offer.


Ur mighty brave.

Either that or you are a new hire or totally clueless about the corporate bs

GL with that cause ur gonna need it...