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Banfield presented me with an estimate over $500.00 to evaluate why my Shepard Mix was ill. I asked them to do a simple blood test, which combined with the office visit came up to $94.00. I was given a prescription which cost $94.00. My dog died 72 hours later.

I went back to Banfield to return all but 3 capsules for a refund on the medication.

They refused!!! Bryan Starman says that's the policy!! My dog is dead and I have a full packet of medication, which cost $94.00. If you have experienced similar situations please call (720) 690-7777 This has got to stop.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, the medication cannot be re-used once it leaves the pharmacy and that is why there are usually no refunds with this type of stuff. Is is possible that some of your anger is misplaced?

Banfield Pet Hospital


We are so sorry to hear about your loss of your dog. We understand the difficult time you are going through, but unfortunately we cannot accept already prescribed medication.

Once medication leaves a veterinary or human hospital, clinic or facility it cannot be returned and prescribed to another pet or person. These measures are in place for safety reasons, to assure that potentially altered or tainted medications, or those that have not been stored properly, are not prescribed to other patients.

On medication receipts and/or prescription bottles, it states that medications cannot be returned for a refund. Again, on behalf of Banfield, please accept our condolences on your dog's passing.


I'm sorry for your loss, but unfortunately this happens when people go against medical advice. They recommend all those tests to determine what was wrong so they could determine the proper course of action.

A blood test alone may or may not reveal the problem. Without a full work up, they can only guess as to what should be done.


What medication cost $94.

Was your dog vomiting?