Indio, California

Banfield Pet Hospital sold a medication to me at 21/2 times the retail price after not having any idea what was wrong with my dog. The vet did not even do a set of vital signs on her and then prescribed a strong painkiller.

When I got home, I noticed the box of probiotics I bought had been torn open and retaped shut.

Ten of the thirty packets were removed, Banfield's label was put over the original package's label, and the price was 21/2 times retail. Who knows what else such an organization may or may not do in order to save or make money.

Please beware. As a health-care provider, it saddens me to see such practices.

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Banfield Pet Hospital


We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your experience, and we'd like the opportunity to address your situation. Please give our relations team a call at 877-500-2288.


Now that I think about it, we do sell those packets individually or by the box. Check the "quantity" portion of the prescription label and it should match the number they gave you.

It's not used as long as the PACKETS within the box are intact. We frequently open the boxes to send home certain quantities.



1 - your state board of veterinary medicine

2 - your state board of pharmacy

and file complaints. There is no excuse in sending home used medications...




I work at a Banfield and we would NEVER send home opened meds. That's terrible, you should call corporate.

That is an embarrassment and they should be reported. Some bad seeds out there not providing quality medical care.