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Banfield Pet Hospital Vet was a nightmare, the Vet and staff were totally inconsiderate to my pet and myself! Would never go back there.

They did nothing to help my cat and interrogated me and took my words and turned them into negative and derrogatory comments about my pet care routines. I had the free pet exam coupon that had no exceptions on your visit. However, the cat has developed a flea allergies and they were trying to sell $250. in blood test even though I just came in to get his skin checked and get a rabies shot.

Vet did check his skin and then more interrogation about my flea control habits (advantage). No rabies shot! The most horrible thing was that the assistant grabbed the cat away from me and tossed him into a cupboard under the sink and said he would like it in there. This is when I saw him sitting on the sink pipes and saw him putting his head towards the wall.

I opened up the cubby and found *** about 3"x4" that went straight into the wall. He already had his head and front paws into the hole. I grabbed him and struggled for several seconds asking for the Asst's help who did nothing but stand there. I finally got the cat out and held and petted him.

When the Vet came in she said oh your cat is really stressed out, when I told her to look at the hole in the cupboard she looked towards it and snickered and tried to blame the cats stress on me. Basically she was pisssed at me for not wanting to buy their pet plan, etc. Refused to have an Asst.

help me out to the car with cat n carrier because I cannot lift and recently had abdominal surgery and major medical treatment ongoing. If you want help for your pet stay away from Banfield; their Vets are sales people and care nothing for your pet.

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this in in response to my comment below: Seriously pissed consumer?? You censor the words T-A-K-E O-F-F? don't get it


Obviously vet tech is here to defend Banfield even when they are in the wrong. I ABSOLUTELY believe that Banfield refused to help the client out to the car because my old hospital manager banned us from helping clients in and out of the car.

She was absolutely ridiculous. We had several elderly clients who would call when they were in the parking lot requesting help bringing their pets inside. She would tell us to tell them that we couldn't help them. IMAGINE THAT!!

Absolutely horrible. The reason why is that she would have 1 assistant running the room appointments, 1 assistant doing "treatment" on drop off pets and comprehensive exams, 1 assistant on surgery duty, and 1 receptionist. Therefore, if someone stepped out for a couple minutes to help a client, that took away productivity and left a station "unattended." I ignored her every time and assisted clients, even if it meant that someone else should wait. She shouldn't have scheduled the assistants so thin!

She was a horrid individual. She always harped on "exceeding customer expectations," but didn't even know where to start! For example, when a person dropped off a pet for a comprehensive exam, they filled out a drop off form. The drop off form asks if the client wants their pets nails trimmed and anal glands expressed, among other questions.

The receptionist is supposed to look over the drop off sheet, adjust the estimate to *** unwanted services, then have the client sign the estimate. One time a client indicated "No" for both, but the receptionist forgot to take the nail trim off the estimate. The customer signed it without seeing the charge, assuming that the receptionist did her job correctly. Well, upon checkout she disputed the charge, but the manager REFUSED to take it off.

We're talking about a $15 charge. She argued with the customer for an HOUR, showing her the paperwork she signed and said, "Well it's your fault you didn't pay attention to the estimate!" Well it was equally our fault that the receptionist didn't do her job correctly! The customer was so upset, we lost a client for life - all over a $15 charge!!

The manager should have said, "I'm so sorry about this inattention to detail. Of course we won't charge you."

Anyway...I'm currently assuming a role as hospital manager, so I like to see the complaints people have so I can proactively avoid them and focus on customer service :)


I'm so very sorry your cat has suffered at the hands of Banfield. Under no circumstances should your cat have been put in a cupboard, that is ludicrous.

For future reference, and for "Vet Tech" who seems to have her head up her behind today, your kitty needs to stay in his carrier until the doctor can see him. If he is stressed about the visit, cover the front door with a towel so he cannot see out but he can still get air. You should also be able to stand back while a (ahem, pay attention V.T.) tech handles the cat during the exam and places him back inside the carrier. I USED to have a vet who would assume blood tests and carry my cat off to the back automatically.

Obviously I no longer allow my pets to see that doctor. Like every person with a job, there are good ones and ones not so good. Our current vet has surprised me time and again with his assistants caring ever so gently with my cats and always, ALWAYS, asking for permission before doing any tests or giving any medication not specifically asked for. Doggone shame this vet couldn't even manage a rabies shot while shooting for the big bucks.

Sweetie, move on, shop around, drop these people for the sake of your cat. There ARE vets out there who have staff to help you. When my dog had her tumors removed, I took her to my car when she was discharged while the doctor's ASSISTANT, not VET TECH, carried her bedding out for me. Trust me, there are caring professionals out there.

You just have to shop for them. Oh and by the by, make sure you're new vet clinic makes themselves very available for emergency calls.


Trying to sell blood work? Really im sure it was more of a allergy test the doctor was recommending you do have the option to say NO.

Im sure the assistant did not throw your cat in the cupboard I personally hate that most cats will roam around the exam room and stuff themselves in there and I have to keep dragging the cat out because the owner just sits there while we are trying to do the physical exam. And no we dont get mad when you dont buy our wellness plans it doesnt hurt me one bit its just a preventive savings plan for our clients but you can say no and pay out of pocket for everything not my problem. And i highly doubt the assistant/tech would not help you out to your car.

Once a week I have a client with a large dog no matter how busy we are I always walk her to her car. Maybe you just were a difficult client with a attitude and they did not want to help you I wouldnt if I was being treated like ***.


A lot of cats chose to go into the cupboards that you speak of so the tech was probably trying to make your cat feel safe since cats naturallly like these types of hiding places when they are nervous.


Wow Jedi Knight Ethen ~ you are ***. How is it thr owners fault the cat was stuffed under the sink and was stressed.

Wow people on here are *** ***! And to the posters.. I would have thrown a fit!

Id of spoken to a manager right there and if they woulda gave u *** i woulda raised *** in the store and woulda tried to tell the ppl waiting in line what Banfield did to your pet.. They are lucky they didnt do that to my pet..

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We apologize that your visit to our hospital was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concerns, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 to tell us what happened.


Judging on the way you admitted to your own behavior I think the vet is right and the cat is stressed out by you. If your cat was comfortable with you it would not have pulled away from you.