Westport, Connecticut
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I had been bringing my dogs there for a while. After one yearly checkup my dog came home limping.

I noticed a needle mark in his back leg where they shaved him to test his blood. Overnight his leg swelled the size of a pork picnic shoulder. I raced him back the next day. They made me wait as they all peeked through the window.

Eventually the doctor who treated him (she could have passed for the cleaning lady) informed he he got bit by something. I demanded a full investigation, since they apparently caused this (they probably used a syringe they found in the alley).

I took him somewhere else and after another $500 to install a drain hose, he was better. Never again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Banfield Pet Hospital,

It is not an accusation but a bad experience. Client advocate? I might as well call the "How's my driving?" number.

Banfield Pet Hospital


We take your accusations very seriously and would like the opportunity to discuss your experience with you to better understand what happened. Our Client Advocate Team can be reached by calling 877-500-2288.


Olivia? You still work there? Perhaps you knew all along.


Oh, so you are a Vet? You seem to know so much about what is right and wrong with your pet's care.

If you have been to Vet school, why not treat your pet at home? Oh.... you haven't but you want to make wacko claims so you can blow off some steam ...

but you conveniently left out some of the sequence of events... If you are a psychic and can have visions of this alley, why not get your own TV show.


A fluke... Wow people really?

I guess you can just wash your hands clean of a mistake of any size as long as it only happens once... Some people are just dumb...


If you had been taking him there for a while and had no other instances, then I suppose you would call this a fluke.

Cleaning lady??? You originally hired this " Cleaning lady "