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(I guess) We took 2 applications back to Banfield, explained that it was making my dog sick and asked if they had a different one we could use...we were told, "no, our vets voted on that one and that's all we use" if we wanted something else we needed to purchase it from Petsmart or elsewhere. She was aware of the horrific side effects but - oh well, too bad, so sad! Before you use this clinic read the reviews online about this company -the...
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Anonymous A pet can have an allergic reaction to ANYTHING, even natural things. Doesn't mean it's a bad product.
You can look up any product and find tons of horror stories.
I wor...


LadyScot Just like humans, animals can be allergic to medicines. Look up Tylenol. People have died from it. Look up every drug known to man and someone has died from it. Look up strawb...

I took my yorkie in to have her dental cleaning which is part in the plus active prevention services, was told I had to paid extra for anesthesia which is suppose to be a part of the service. I have had many good experiences with Banfield Pet Hospital but lately mostly bad. I took Chloe in for a visit on March 12, 2016 at that time she was close to death, I didn't have the money that was being charged to provide the services that she needed, I...
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Anonymous Gold digger!


Anonymous Vets take an oath just like a Dr. Or therapist, they have to help if they are able to same as a Dr, u cannot be refused or should not be! That's like saying yea I can save her...

I liked
  • Personal attention
  • I both like and dislike
  • Some of the staff and one doctor
I didn't like
  • Unprofessional staff
  • Staff attitude