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I took my dog there to have her looked at because she was vomiting and had blood in her stool. She was diagnosed with Parvo.

They quoted me $1000.00 for a 4 day stay with IV meds and gave me the option to do out patient care for her where they would do subcutaneous fluids and antibiotic injections. after 3 days of this and her condition worsening they suggested that I put her to sleep or surrender her to the hospital where they would have her on IV meds for 3 days and if she pulled through they would adopt her out to one of the staff members. I took her to another clinic where I was told that a 4 day stay there with intravenous meds would run me around $300.00 and said that he had seen much worse cases than her that pulled through. He stated that the treatment she was receiving there was "like *** in the ocean" meaning that what they did there was better than nothing, but only slightly better than nothing.

He also said that if she had continued this "treatment" that she wouldn't have made it. The new doctor had her well again and running around by the 3rd day.

I spent a little more than $400.00 at petsmart on a treatment that would have killed my dog before being charged $300.00 at the new place to get her well.

This place is a ripoff and will not try and heal your pets if you cannot come up with the money up front to meet their ridiculous price demands. Do not go there if you care about your pet.

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When we first got our puppy (his mama was a stray and had a big litter of pups),he had huge worms, and was very sick with that. Once that was taken care of, he developed Parvo, before we could get him in for his puppy shots.

It was our fault for not getting him there sooner, so paying $600 to get him well instead of him having the vaccinations was our punishment. He survived and was the best dog the world has ever known, and lived to be over fourteen years old. No dog we have had since that time has gotten Parvo, and all of them have been strays that somehow found their way to us, including that first puppy's mama, who was also the best dog the world has ever known.

Always at least get your pets vaccinated and monthly heartworm treatments.

Banfield has a pet plan that you pay by the month. It makes pet health maintenance easier to afford. If you can't do that, find a good vet who won't charge a fortune for visits. Get them spayed or neutered, which is also a good thing for male dogs health.

They have low cost spay/neuter clinics.

They can give them their shots, too, when you taken them in for spay/neuter. I paid just over a hundred dollars for one dog to get neutered and all his shots.


I wouldn't trust what your other vet said about Banfield's treatment being like "*** in the ocean." The ONLY thing you can do to treat Parvo is to give supportive care. There is nothing you can give to cure parvo.

Usually, IV fluids are given to help replenish lost fluids and maintain blood pressure. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed if sepsis (secondary bacterial infection) is suspected. Their suggestion of IV fluids and antibiotics is EXACTLY what should be done in this case.

Sorry you didn't like the price, but "they" didn't almost kill your dog - you did by not vaccinating properly and rejecting the suggested treatment. You can't say they almost killed your dog because you couldn't afford to pay the bill.


i am sorry u have to experience this...banfield is a huge company with different hospital .. when u have a big vet hospital like that u get different service just based on locations and the staff there... even with the same staff the service can vary...

but personally...

1000 for 4 nights isnt that bad.. i know this sounds bad... but my cavalier had problems and stayed for 2 nights i was charged with 2300.. for a ER place ( not banfield..) the nyc ban-field dosent deal with ER......sigh..then another 1800 from MRI scans and other procedures to diagnose his problems..* at animal health center not banfield * ban-field is really big and it varies between locations.. my dogs sees two vets usually and they alternates..* i usually dont see other vets at my local banfied* they are extremely loving and loves my dog.. the staff remembers my dogs :) and one of the vet she even helped me out with payment plans when my dogs needed a $1800 MRI scans and checks to get diagnosed ontop of the overpriced ER bills... * still a college student* .. had to pay off through my own savings ... she also introduce me , my dog's neurologist ( at a major nyc animal hospital AMC) , whom is extremely nice..they also didnt charge me 170 of examination fee :D * they are non profit* ! ban field contacts the neurologist for me and they both keep track of my dog's conditions :) i use ban field for regular vet check ups !!! and i am on their plan.. i suggest that u should be on their plans or else dont deal with them it can be very costly!!! but I WOULD NOT use them as ER and even my vets at ban field ask me to go ER when my dog is in critical condition!!!!! it really varies !!! i am happy with banfied.. been with them for 2 years.. the nyc Broadway location is great.. staff there are amazing!!! but then again i can only speak on behave of my experience at that particular location with that particular staff!!


Does the Banfield Pet Hospital just copy and paste the same message over and over again about contacting them. I did contact them about my situation and let me tell you I am not going to get any resolve with them or their corporation, in fact just the opposite.

Their client advocate team cannot help you, I assure you they do nothing. I am so glad your dog made it and is doing well!!!


I agree with Julie - YOU are the one that elected the cheaper treatment. $1000 is NOT that much at all to treat Parvo.

However, I would like to know where this other hospital is that offered 4 days of IV fluids, hospitalization, and meds cost only $300! That's honestly the best deal I've ever heard of. Either this Dr was desperate for your business or is doing so well for himself that he can afford to give you such a good discount.

I can assure you that is NOT the going rate to treat Parvo. Either way, good deal!


I have no affiliation with Banfield and really don't care one way or the other about their company, but this review irritates me. Parvo is a virus.

It runs its course, and the goal in treatment is to keep your pet alive while they recover. The new vet only provided the appropriate support for the remaining time until your pet could recover (looks like 3 more days is what it took). It sounds like you declined that treatment when it was recommended by Banfield and opted for the crummy, cheaper solution simply because it was cheaper. Obviously, if the cheaper plan would have the same outcome as the more expensive plan, they would not have offered the expensive one to begin with.

$1000 for four whole days with injectable medications, IV catheter, and fluids as well as constant monitoring, regular food, and clean-up (profuse bloody vomit and diarrhea is not actually fun to deal with) is actually a bargain. You ended up spending almost that much and almost losing your dog. I would advise other people in a similar situation consider the recommended treatment instead of taking the cheap way out and risking the health of their pet just to blame it on someone else.

Banfield may have it's problems, I don't know, but this is not a fair accusation. THEY didn't almost kill your dog....


Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way.

We are currently unaware of this situation and we want to make sure we acknowledge your concerns. First we need to gather more information, please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288.