Perrysburg, Ohio
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Here's the hackjob Banfield did while my dog was getting spayed yesterday

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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File a complaint with your Ohio Vet Board. Go online to find the site.

Write your story and send pictures. Thirty days in advance of your wellness plan expiring, give notice that you will not renew.

Make someone sign the notice at the location where you got the plan. File a complaint with your Attorney General's office - consumer protection.


That looks disguising! I have never seen a worse looking incision.

Ignore these Banfield employees and their excuses for their poor pathetic attempts at medical procedures.

Vet's are right out of medical school. To bad their prices do do reflect that.


I am a human, and my incision for my daughter's birth is large. My sister's is very small.

Animals, like people, can have different surgical experiences. Also, if this animal is not a puppy, the incision will be larger.

No we are not vets. We are smart people who use our common sense.


Looks like a normal incision with tissue glue on it. Did you perhaps discuss with your vet before calling it 'botched' or are you using your own knowledge base to say this? Have a background in vet med?


That's rather a long incision or at least looks like it in the photo. Is your dog a year old or perhaps older?

Usually a much shorter incision 3 to 4 inches is sufficient for spaying a puppy around 6 months of age whereas a female 8 months to a year old in many cases requires a bit more surgery thus resulting in a longer incision.

In so far as the incision looking as you stated botched. Keep in mind the sutures are pulling and holding the incision site together and its not unusual or uncommon for the area to be puffy and appear to look somewhat like a zipper. The most important thing is to make sure the area stays clean, dry and Don't let her lick the incision area. Watch for any excessive redness,swelling or signs of infection i.e puss etc.

If puppy leaves the area alone and doesn't irritate the incision and sutures by licking. She should heal up just fine in about two weeks. However if puppy is doing a lot of licking it could cause inflammation and even an infection and will take longer to heal. Hopefully puppy was put on antibiotics to help with the healing process.

It may appear to you to look botched.

However, I've seen much worse and her incision actually looks pretty good believe it or not. Keep her as quiet as possible for at least the next 10 days and give her lots of hugs and kisses.