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I started using Banfield in 2007, signing up for one of their Wellness Plans when it was $16.95 per month. After being advised it would be better to upgrade the plan for some dental work needed in 2009, I was assured I could cancel at any time to take advantage of the upgraded plan savings. I did not, until 2011 when the cost increased to $32 per month (not to mention the hundreds of dollars I would spend each visit - where is the savings??).

Therefore, I made the decision to cancel in April. That has turned into a NIGHTMARE with my husband and I getting harassing letters and telephone calls to our home - including today (Saturday) ALTHOUGH I AM AN ATTORNEY (and am mindful everyone thinks we are rich but assure everyone I am NOT) AND ADVISED THEM IN WIRTING MANY TIMES TO CORRESPOND WITH ME TO MY OFFICE IN WRITING!! They are VULTURES when it comes to the monthly wellness plan fee. I have even received a personal letter authored by three of the vets there – including Dr. Koffeen I believe someone else has complained about.

WAY TO CORPORATE and not at all customer oriented. If they had just responded that they understand economic times are tough, appreciate my business all these years, and hope I would think of them for my pet needs in the future, I might have considered continuing to use them when times got better. Spoke to a friend who advises she spends about ½ what I spend at Banfield once the montly fees are added it for her vet. SUCH A RIP OFF! STAY AWAY!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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As an attorney myself, I am concerned that you did not read the contract, which clearly states the terms and conditions. I also have the wellness plan, my pet is treated at the Brentwood location, and I couldn't be happier with their services. I am sorry for what you have gone through, but caveat emptor, right?


Since you are an attorney, I am sure you read the contract for the wellness plan. It says in the contract that you can cancel, but you are responsible for paying what you've received at retail value or pay the plan off.

Usually paying the plan off is the most cost effective. You are agreeing to a contract anytime you upgrade for 12 months


Sabrina do you work there? Or are you a happy client?