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Be ware of going to Banfield. They charge you for services not performed and coarse

You to join their yearly oet health plan which they claim thay you can cancel anytime. Except, the corporate phone number they provided tells you that you can't cancel your anual plan because your

Pet had incurred a charge of $248.00 when it was in the clinic for which you have not paid for. The problem i have with banfield is that I had paid for all the services for my dog at the end of each visit. Now, Banfield's corp. Office is telling me that i can not cancel until I paid them this amy

I am very disappointed with this kind of

Business practice. Please don't take your pets there and never sign anything with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You signed a 1 year contract. In that contract it states that If you cancel before the year is up, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used, at cost.

They are NOT charging for services that they haven't done.

The WELLNESS plan is NOT insurance. You are paying a monthly fee to get preventive care that is heavily discounted.

The reason for the because people would sign up, use over $600- $800 worth of services, but they've only paid 4mo of payments and want to cancel. That's not right.

They performed a service so they should be paid for it. You expect to get paid at your job when you perform a service

For example. Let's say you are on a puppy plan. The plan is $42 a month for a year.

Total cost for the year is $504.

The cost for services WITHOUT the plan are: (mind you these are things that you don't pay for when you go in. It's the things covered by your monthly payments)

-Office visits $35- $50 EACH time - Vaccines $20-$35 PER vaccine & PER vaccine booster every 3wks. -Deworming $20 EACH time (pups need 3) -Fecal exams roughly $45 (pups get2) -Spaying/neutering roughly $200- $400 -Comprehensive exams around $150 -Ear Swab roughly $45 -Heartworm 4dx test $50 So you've used over $800 worth of services (remember the total plan for the year is $504 so it saves tons of money) but you want to cancel after only paying 4-5more worth of payments, which is ONLY $168- $210.

Again, that is not okay. They performed services and they have a right to be paid for them. You say that you paid for the services at the end of each visit, which is a lie if you were on a wellness plan.

Sure you've probably paid for things not included in the plan like heartworm/flea/tick prevention, nail trims, medications and testing if they were sick etc. But you did NOT pay for office visits, vaccines, fecal exams, deworming, heartworm test, bloodwork (unless it wasn't the common blood panel included in the adult plans), dental cleaning (if that's what plan you were on ) etc


Hit send before I was done.

The things you paid for that weren't included, you also got a discount on. 10%, 15% or 20% discount depending on the level plan you were on.

People need to read what they sign.

I worked at Banfield for 6yrs, I'm no longer there. In fact I'm not a fan of them. The only reason I was there so long is because of my doctors who were phenomenal and because of my awesome clients. I knew pretty much every pet and owner who came in.

In fact, someone found a dog and brought it to us to be scanned for a chip. I just looked at the dog and knew who he was and the owners name. I scanned for a chip to make sure and I was right. I'm still close with alot of my clients from there even tho I no longer work there.

Banfield does have its faults.

But the 2 things I love is they practice QUALITY medicine and I loved the wellness plans.

When you signed up for the plan, it should have been explained that it's not insurance and while yes you really can cancel at anytime, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or services you've used at cost. I explained the entire contract to every single person and notated it in the records. But even if they didn't explain it, it's in the contract you signed.

Because I always explained the entire thing, we rarely had people complain if they chose to cancel before the year was up.

Although there was a lady who was yelling at me and said that she was never told those things. When I knew for a FACT that she was told since I was the one who signed her up and I notated it.