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I have had two bad experience with Banfield, the second waa witnessing the treatment of a women with a puppy with parvo. I used to shop at Pet Smart because it was located by my house. A vety distraught lady it seemed was begging for help with her puppy who had tested positive for parvo. The receptionist and I am assuming the other women was a vet assistant told her if she did not have money, they would not treat her dog. Their tone was very degrading and demeaning, and they offered no sympathy for the women's plait, offer a low cost clinic or anything. She even tried asking. They just told her to leave. The two of them were over to the side making jokes about the women, in front of other customers. There was another receptionist working to help a long line of people check out. I was appalled by their behavior. First off, not helping the receptionist, and secondary making cruel jokes about that poor distraught lady. I told them they were being rude, and I did not want to hear them gossiping. They turned their rudeness on me. I expressed they could have given the lady a referral to a low cost clinic. One rudely replied it is not by job. I replied should you not be helpful this long line of people. These to ladies were awful, and come to find out, one was the office manager. By her clothes you could not tell at all, not to mention her horrid disrespectful demeanor. I compained to the Manager of Petco, who basically said they are not associated with Banfield. I pointed out it is located in the same dam building. He basically said he cannot control the way their staff behaves. I told him I can control never coming here again, and since, have not.

I have read some of the people that work for Bandfield who reply to complaints. Some staff seem to truly care, the majority seem to have a dam entitled attitude. They make excuses for poor services, rude employees, medical mistakes, the plan not being explained to them. The over booking and under staffing which seem common place. It also seems they always have excuses and anyone cheaper must not give quality care.

Just saying that is bs! I was apart of a human clinic run like Banfield, I rarely saw the same doctor. If I was ill I often was forced to take my children and myself to urgent care. Even my primary was always rushed. He never wanted to listen to my concerns or symptoms. Most of the time this is okay, but this type of doctoring almpat killed me, as it has many pets at Banfield. The vets are green, or rushed and overwhelmed. Many of these pets do not see a vet continuously. This almost killed me, and I have chronic pain and permanent damage to my digestive system from a clinic like this.

I take my pets to a small intimate pet clinic. The doctor knows my cats by name and familiar with their medical histories. She is not rushing all around like a mad women. Nor do you feel rushed. The prices are fair, not overwhelming.

For you that works there I would start making some noise about customer care, consistency of care. If someone's pet dies, let the person out of their dam contract. That is so unethical! Show some compassion instead of excuses. Nobody she be treated like that lady was. Imagine if it was you. You could lose your job, and be in a situation similar. So in the very least, be empathetic, not a total ***. I will never give Banfield another chance after the way that poor lady was treated. There is no excuse for that at all. Instead of excuses come up with solutions to all the complaints people have!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I worked at banfield for 6yrs. I truly loved my doctors.

They were phenomenal and always tried to help where they could. One of them has taken home sick pets who's owner wanted to euthanize, the other vet and I took money out of our own pockets to help a kid who got a new pup with his first paycheck that ended up with parvo, because he could barely afford the test and the visit, so we had him pay what he could then we paid for fluids and meds to go home so the pup would at least have a chance.

Vets can't treat without payment. They have to make money to stay in business. If they treated every pet for free who's owner couldn't afford it, they wouldn't be able to stay open.

There's no such thing as treating for free as if the money doesn't come from the owner, it has to come from somewhere which is usually the staff members pockets.

You wouldn't believe the amount of people who can't afford basic care, let alone if they get sick. I understand when emergencies happen but people shouldn't be getting new pets if they can't afford basic care and have a little wiggle room for illnesses and injuries.

That being said, the way they treated that lady was appalling. If someone couldn't afford treatment for an illness at my clinic, I would ALWAYS give them every option. Which included low cost places, a list of places that help with vet bills and spoke with them about carecredit.

I've had multiple clients upset that I left because a majority of them only came or called when I was there. As a receptionist , I'd been asked a few times by a client to be present with them while we euthanized their pet because they knew I loved that pet like my own. I truly loved and cared about my patients AND clients. They were my top priorities.

I constantly rescheduled my own pets dental cleanings that they truly needed (once I finally did my mom's dog, she needed multiple extractions) because a client wanted to schedule that specific day and we were already booked. But I didn't mind, because clients came first.

Unfortunately vets and the staff at banfield can't help the prices. They are set prices by corporate.

As for the wellness plan. It's not insurance, so as much as I don't agree with alot of the corporate part of it (my specific location was amazing ) it isn't fair to just let someone out of a contract if they've used multiple services.

I've explained the break down on other posts. Basically someone could pay 4mo worth of payments (between $30-$50 depending on the level plan) but they've used over $800 worth of services. That's not fair because the hospital deserves to be paid for srevives rendered. They aren't charging for services they haven't used, it's not insurance.

If it was, it wouldn't be a problem to cancel. Alot of the time the wellness plan team (the staff at the hospital has no way to cancel people need to realize this and that it's not the employees fault ) will *** a couple months or if there's only 2mo or so left, they will just cancel it. It specifically states in the contract that if you cancel, even if the pet passes away, before the year is up, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or services you've already used (at cost) whichever is cheaper. I do however don't think this is actually being explained in most hospitals.

Yes they signed a contract and people need to read what they sign. But I went over the contract with every one. Even about cancelling if the pet passes away. I also went over the auto renew and when I'd call people for services due, I would remind them if the plan was about to renew.

If someone was on a puppy plan and hadn't used their neuter yet, ad their plan was about to renew, I would make sure to fit them in before it renewed, even if that meant cancelling a couple appts that day. I shouldn't have had to do that since we call them multiple times (over 5 times) to remind them the neuter or spay is due. But I truly think that if every staff member verbally went over the auto renew and cancelling even if a pet passes with EVERYONE, even ones withat puppies and kittens upon sign up, there wouldn't be as many complaints. Private practices aren't all great either.

You just hear more about Banfield because it's corporate, it's nationwide and well known. If you'd heard some of the things about some of the private practices around me (about the vets and staff too), some of these banfield complaints wouldn't seem bad compared to some places. Lastly please don't believe every complaint. Alot of people blame the vet for everything, even if they aren't at fault.

This isn't just at banfield either.

Veternarians have the number 1 suicide rate of any field because of the demands and lies spread about them. There are bad vets and support staff out there, not just at banfield, but a majority of the people in this field truly care about the pets and clients.


Oh I forgot to add.

The manager of petsmart is correct. They have no say in what goes on at Banfield.

It's in the same building but they are 2 completely separate companies. Banfield just rents the space inside.

I urge you to please get their names and call the corporate office. They have a client advocate team specifically for complaints.

They need to know about this.

If my clients complained to me about a coworker of mine (I wasn't a manager but clients knew me and trusted me) I would have the manager call them, if she wasnt there right then or wasn't available.

However in your situation since one of them was the manager, call the corporate office instead.

That behavior is not acceptable. If I noticed a fellow coworker was rude to a client, I never just sat there. I would tell the manager because being rude to clients and making fun of them is never okay.

As I said, I was there for about 6yrs. I truly loved and appreciated my clients and adored my patients, even the ones who tried to eat me ( usually small breeds lol) The only things I will miss about being there is a couple (not all) of my coworkers, my patients/clients and my phenomenal doctors. My doctors truly cared about every single patient and client. I was very fortunate to work with such great vets, especially since I wasn't a fan of some of the relief doctors we would have if one of ours was out sick or on vacation (which thankfully wasn't often).

If we had a relief doctor in that I didn't trust and the manager wasn't there, I made sure to complain. Unlike some people who work at veterinary clinics (not just banfield) I will never work with a staff and would never work with doctors that didn't have the patients & the clients best interest in mind.

The way I think of it, if I can't trust the doctor with my own pets, how am I supposed to recommend them/advocate for them for clients pets? I couldn't.