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Our story with BanfIeld begins on August 25th 2010. My 11 week old black lab puppy and boyfriend were running thru the front yard when he ran between his legs and he stepped on his back leg.

He let out the loudest cry I have ever heard out of a dog.So immediately my boyfriend and I took the dog to banfield fearing that his leg was broken. We had x rays done and received a call about 7 house later finally letting us know what was wrong with our dog. They told us he had a fracture of the tibia right on the growth plate. They said surgery was a good possibility.

But never once showed us the x rays. They splinted it and told us come back in a week for new x rays and new splint (first visit cost us $580). They said he would be healed up in about two weeks after another set of x rays to make sure. Which would end up costing another $500 for each set of x rays and splinting.

Then we took him home. Within two hours the newly placed splint was already falling off the puppy's leg.The following day Leroy was uncomfortable, and was moaning and groaning because of the splint moving. We took him in that day to have the splint readjusted. They wanted to charge us more money for a soiled bandage because the bottom was ruined.

(It was ruined because it was falling off his leg). After the splint was fixed Leroy was a happy puppy and adjusting to his injured leg.Finally the day came for Leroy's first week exam. The nurses changed out his splint and wanted to do x rays but we declined because of the money they wanted to charge us. He was never the same after the splint change.

Leroy was sleepy, moaning and groaning, not eating nor drinking. He just laid in his bed all day and night. We took him back to Banfield the next day saying something was wrong with him. They did a full exam and said he was fine and tried selling us $700 worth of blood work.We then asked to please see the first set of x rays, with the doctor replying with "our x ray machine is broke".

We asked what that had to do with previous x rays and then she pulled up the x rays after us questioning her for a couple minutes. She then showed me and circled a rather large area stating that they were unsure where the fracture was but it was somewhere in the area where she circled. I asked her who said it was fractured and she stated the company they send out the x rays to said it was fractured. After some confusion on why they now changed their story on whether it was broke or fractured, now my girlfriend and I were questioning whether his leg was even fractured/broke in the first place.

we asked the doctors for a copy of the x rays and she said we would have to buy them off them, and quickly asked why? We said we wanted to get a second opinion. The doctor then got all flustered and started back tracking on whether his leg was really hurt in the first place.So after a few hours of sitting at home we decided to go get our second opinion. We took Leroy to an animal hospital/orthopedic surgery office.

They talked to us for about an hour wanting to know our story and how everything happened. Then removed the splint, to our horror on what we saw next I broke down in tears. To our surprise he had two soars on is leg that were dripping blood on the table. One of which was about a half inch think and almost to the bone.

This would explain why he was in so much pain, and the banfield doctors failed to let us know about theses soars the day prior when the changed out his bandage. So after the new doctor cleaning up his wounds, they took him back for x rays.

About 10 minutes later the doctor came back and told us that his leg was not fractured/broke nor were there any signs that there was ever anything to indicate there was one. This made us so upset that they would do this to poor Leroy and hose us for money in the process.We have recently tried to cancel our wellness plan and they let us know it would be a $600 charge to terminate the policy…

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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if you think a misdiagnosis was made, you have every right to contact the state board of veterinary medicine. they will guide you, and likely will investigate.

you have every right to access your pets medical records, including the radiographs (typically there is no charge for this, but the radiographs do belong to the hospital that took/exposed them, and do need to be returned to them in a reasonable time frame).

IF a misdiagnosis was made, you may (likely are) be entitled to financial re-imbursement as well and compensation for ongoing care. good luck and i hope your puppy is ok :-)




I think that the whole situation is terrible. I can only hope that someone made an honest mistake and made an incorrect diagnosis.


I think that the whole situation is terrible. I can only hope that someone made an honest mistake and made an incorrect diagnosis.