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Ya got a full blood german doberman and they gave him the heart worm shot and Ive been have probs with his *** been runny and pooping in the house now and it say german shep is one of the dogs that it cause probs with where the vets go to school at then they want o charge me to look at him what he was fine until u took him out my site and did whatever to him

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I would probably take this post seriously if you knew how to use proper grammar and if you could use punctuation. Actually, I take that back because even with that, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Did you go to vet school? Have you ever worked in a vet office? Hate to tell you but just because you read something online doesn't mean it is true.

You got a German Doberman or a German Shepherd? Because you listed two completely different breeds.

I'm assuming it's the proheart injection. Just like vaccines, a pet can have a reaction to it. German Shepherd's are NOT a breed who is generally sensitive to ivermectin.

Breeds like the Australian Shepherd can carry a gene that makes them sensitive. It doesn't mean that every Australian Shepherd is.

They only are if they carry the specific gene.

Vets cannot predict the future. There is absolutely no way for them to know a pet may have a reaction to something. It would be alot easier if they could.

Pets have reactions to injections and medications all the time.

It is in no way, shape, or form the veterinarians fault. It just means that specific pet is sensitive to that medication or injection and in the future it shouldn't be given. Also, depending on how long after the injection was given his diarrhea started, it could have not been from the vaccine. Vaccine reactions happen within a certain amount of time.

Diarrhea isn't really considered a reaction, it's considered a sensitivity. This one of the most ridiculous, uneducated complaints out there.


Interesting that you deemed it rational to publicly attack an individual about their grammar. Seems they may have hit a nerve.

My guess is that you work for Banfield or have some other vested interest.

Just a quick suggestion...

If you are going to allege that someone is less than truthful based upon their use of the King's English, you may want to proof-read your post as well.

"You got a German Doberman or a German Shepherd? Because you listed two completely different breeds."

Again, it's just a suggestion.

Not so anonymous:

Spencer Kroning


You are a perfect example of why nobody should take their pets to Banfield. My husband has dyslexia, and it is hard for him to spell and write.

Glad you enjoy making fun of people with learning disabilities. What a *** you are! Besides ignoring pets and letting them sit in their own waste, torturing them with unneeded procedures, price gouging, misdiagnosed and killing animals with all your incompetence.

What else do you do? Make fun of special needs children at your local elementary school?


The dog may be having a slight allergic reaction to the hart worm protection vaccine. Its not unusual for a dog/puppy to have an allergic reaction to a vaccine or pill/soft chew form of hart worm medication.

Ivermectin is the most common drug used for hart worm protection and in many cases can cause the pet to have loose stool, vomiting and in some rare cases even a seizure. In as much as we try to prevent many forms of illness with the use of medications for our pets. There always a slight chance a medication given may cause an adverse reaction.

Hopefully the loose stool's will subside in a few days. You may want to try feeding the dog/puppy more dry food/kibble as opposed to adding any wet/soft canned food at feeding time for a few days to help firm up the stool.

I've even given my dogs pieces of American cheese or Swiss cheese slices as well to help the stool firm up a bit faster. Don't be to concerned unless the loose stools persists for more then 4 days or the dog starts vomiting.