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I've had similar incidents with the Banfield in Savannah, Georgia. I took my boxer in as a puppy because I saw worms in her ***.

I told the vet I looked online and it looked like hook worm, but they ran tests to see what it was. She came back and said yep you were right it's hook worm! I forked over 30 bucks or so for medicine for a week...after two weeks, the worms were STILL there so we went back. I had a different vet this time and she ran another fecal exam.

This time she came back and said oh no it's not hook worm its tape worms. So I forked over more money for new medicine. My dog suffered an extra couple weeks and took medicine that she didn't need because they misdiagnosed her, and quite frankly I don't even believe they ran a test the first time! EVERY time we are in there we are being hassled to buy something or talked into a medication they don't need or some sort of prescription grade ear cleaner or some ***.

We now have a rottie puppy who has diarrhea and they charged us 160 bucks to do 3 different tests. We gave him medicine they had us get and 3 weeks later he had the same issue. We took him back and they said he needed another dose so we bought more. It's been another 3 weeks and he STILL has diarrhea.

My husband called and told them he wanted money refunded for the tests because obviously they misdiagnosed him and this has happened before. They told him they couldn't refund him anything but could bring him back in to have another look.

No thanks Banfield. I think we will find an honest, educated, less money hungry vet to go to!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Puppies regularly get worms from their mother. They CAN have multiple worms at the same time and there is a chance the pup could have gotten tapeworms in the process of treating hookworm.

So education can go a long way, especially when you have a boxer puppy. BTW, look into gingival hyperplasia and heart disease for the boxer breed.


Sounds like your not having fun and spending A LOT of money.

Its not unusual for puppies to have loose stool. You may want to try another brand of dry kibble puppy food.

I found after using several different expensive high priced brands. Purina puppy chow did the trick and as the my puppies got older(at 6 months) I was able to switch to another brand and not have a problem with loose stools.

As for deworming, you can get otc dewormer's that handle several types of worms at a fraction of the price a vet would charge to basically give the same dewormer to your puppy.

Hope this is of some help and enjoy your new puppy.


Look into raw diet. Most commercial brands are *** and not healthy for dog and cats.

I took kibble away from my cats and put half of them on raw. What a change. Their coats feel like silk. There are many different types of receipts.

As for Banfield they suck! There is a multi dewormer. It was given at the shelter I worked at. It only did not work for tapeworm.

Just so you know the over the counter stuff works just as well.and saves you from a office fee.

Defenders of Banfield how do you live with yourself? You suck! Oh, and my vet is FOR the raw diet.

She wants What is best for her clients. She does not push the *** brands like Science Diet.