Lakewood, Washington

Banfield has always been a great place for us to take our pets. The vets in in the Towne Center in Lakewood, Washington have been kind and caring.

You can tell that they truly care about the animals. It is not the cheapest but is not the most expensive i have been to either. They are very patient and comforting when they are examining or vaccinating my dogs. It is devastating to have to put a pet down.

They give my dog dignity and help me so much. I always get a condolence card from them a few days later signed by all employees with my dogs paw print on it. (Like fingerprint).

If i encountered bad rude service at the reception desk i would never go any further with my dogs. We have had dogs from 5 lbs to 110 pounds.

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I love seeing a review like this. People are always so quick to post bad reviews on places but don't take the time to make good ones.

I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

I'm sure he/she loved you very much. I'm happy that you and your pets were treated with dignity, as it should always be that way


Sorry for the loss of your loved one.