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I'm a very concerned customer of Banfield and I must say I'm quite disappointed bc I have a puppy that I truly believe that's havg some health issues and Banfield is a responsible party that caused this to happened !!

I took the correct steps to get this issue resolved bc I've taken him back to them repeated w the same issues and the only thing they ultimately recommended is an x-Ray fr $250.00 of course that I would have to pay fr even though their the ones that caused a totally healthy puppy to be suffering w side effects afr what they claimed was to be non complicated nurtured !!

Now 38 days later my puppy is still not himself and without $250.00 Banfield claimed the ONLY way they can find out what's wrong is w this X-Ray!!

I'm very upset bc i pay this rediculos fee every month believe that if my doggie ever got Sick he"d be covered but now that it's needed their requstedg more money befr the"ll lift a finger to help a puppy that they did I something too whole their care!!

I've gone as far as client devices only to have them tell me some1 frm the location I'm havg the issue w will contact me !!

So in the meantime while I'm Gettg the run around I have to spend money else where so that my puppy can get help bc they've proven their not gonna do anything without MORE money !!

I suggest that u take ur pet somewhere else bc Banfield doesn't care abt their animals only ur money !!

No just pray some1 can tell me what they did to my puppy and help him get better !!

Stay away frm this place if u love ur pets bc they don't !!

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Wellness Plans are NOT INSURANCE!!!! If you read the paperwork when you signed up you would have seen it was clearly explained what would/would not be covered.

If you were in too much of a rush/too lazy to do that it is your fault. AND NEWS FLASH...................... having a pet can cost you money if they get sick. Vet's offices are not charity & dont get any govermnent or insurance funding to help cover the costs of things like in human medicine.

YOU (the owner) have to pay for the cost of the vet's time, the nurse's time, the receptionist's time, the office rental/utilities, the equiptment (such as xrays, bloodwork machines) rental & maintinence, the medications. If these things were not payed for ther would be no vets office.

So if you have a pet get insurance (actual insurance, not just a Wellness Plan) & always have an emergency fund in case your pet gets sick because even with most actual insurance's you still have a co-pay/dedictible that you would have to pay as well as having to pay for the services up-front then getting reimbursed (if the insurance approves). sadly, in the real world you can't expect other people to cover the costs of your pet getting ill.