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My dog, Dudu (that's 10 yo)fell off the stairs, he was really nervous at the time, he couldn't move his front left leg. I'm just 14 years old, so my mom took me to Banfield Hospital ( it is inside Pet Smart, at Dadeland North, Miami), my mom was very sick, she couldn't stay with me, she went to an appointment with a doctor that she couldn't cancel. The guys from Banfield told me I could stay with him, so my mom left, 10 minutes later (meanwhile I was waiting outside with my dog right next to me shaking) they tell me they can't treat him without an adult signature, at that point, my mom wouldn't be able to come back, so I had to call my dad and ask him to come to Banfield just to sign 1 single sheet of paper, he had to leave his job. I had to wait with my dog an hour from the time we arrived, one hour for them to treat my dog, while he was in pain. A doctor called him and inside the room he started to move his leg (that one he had hurt), then he ordered a leg X-ray, then a women made my dad sign a drop off thing. My dog waited inside a crate for more than half an hour to get his X-ray done because their only doctor had an appointment with 2 kittens! My dog was barking and crying and there was no one in the room with him.

Doctor Enzo Bicchi sucks, he doesn't know anything. My dog fell because I was carrying him downstairs since he is old, small, fat and he can't go up and downstairs, I explained that to everybody, but when we were leaving , the doctor told me not to let him go upstairs ?!!??

I have the most expensive plan and they chsrged me 170 bucks.

I just moved here 6 months ago from Brazil, veterinarians in Brazil are not the best, but they were better than the ones here at Banfield.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Dressing up such a weak story as "I'm only 14" to get revenge on your vet is disgraceful on multiple counts.

"My dog fell because I was carrying him downstairs since he is old, small, fat and he can't go up and downstairs" So apparently it's the fault of the dog that you dropped it like a tard? Some people should not be permitted anywhere near animals.


You are 14 and have no business handling the medical aspect of your family dog, you're a minor.


Go back to Brazil then


such a wrong comment to make to a child...very sad that you could even do that.


Learn to spot when you're being fed a BS story. Ugh the ignorance..


As the other person says......LEGALLY they CANNOT have to sign a treatments plan. It is not their fault, this is the law in this country. Before going on a rant about it and making yourself look uneducated perhaps you should have just asked them why they needed one of your parents?


Perhaps you should show some compassion for the dog in pain, crying in the room? Bayfield sucks, and it does not matter anyway if the dog was in pain, they could care less.

Obviously, you work there since you lack compassion! Since the dog is fat he deserves to left in pain? They could not of given the dog some pain medication with approval of the father over the phone? Screw Banfield and the never ending list of animals they kill, hurt, misdiagnosed, worse vet services EVER!

I would rather trust a shelter vet than those useless *** vet's at Banfield. To work at one of those monstrosities you would have to lack morals and ethics.


Not treating the pet without someone who's 18 being there has NOTHING to do with the pets weight (which the owner mentioned NOT the doctor or staff) and nothing to do with caring or not.

It is a LEGAL issue. You aren't understanding that part.

NO VET, not just banfield, will treat a pet without someone age 18 or over being there and signing the papers.

I worked there for 6yrs. I no longer work there. They don't treat their staff or their doctors with any respet and they could care less about them.

I have TONS of compassion.

I was just a receptionist when I was asked multiple times by clients to be with them when we euthanized because they knew how much I cared about their pet. I have multiple clients willing to write me letters of recommendation for future jobs and they are extremely upset that I'm not there anymore. Multiple clients who told me they are leaving the clinic because I'm not there anymore. I knew pretty much every patient , client, clients kids and even their family members names.

But according to you just because I worked there I have no compassion.

Veternarians do not go through years of schooling and have over $100,000 dollars in debt, to be rich. They go through school and get all that debt from schooling because being a veterinarian and helping animals is their passion. They don't become a vet to get rich. I don't know a single veternarian or especially who owns their own clinic, who's rich.

You have no idea how much money it takes to run a hospital and keep it open.

There are bad vets out there, not just at banfield. But a majority of them, even ones at banfield, truly care about the pets AND clients.


Your poor dog..I hope he is better.The vet has to have an adult sign.In the U.S.A. you cannot legally make a contract with a minor.That means here being under 18 there are things you cannot do that you could do in Brazil.Maybe the vet misunderstood your mom and thought she would be right back.Maybe you ought to educate yourself on our laws so life can be easy for you here.I hope your vet put him on some weight loss dog food.Your dogs weight problem will kill him faster than old age will.