Virginia Beach, Virginia

From my experience, Banfield is a total rip off and have horrible pet care. Not only did was my dog treated for liver failure when he simply needed an antibiotic, but a 3 lb puppy (chihuahua) was given Giardia, Corona, Levo, Rabies, Bordatella, Distemper Parvo HA & Distemper Parvo LA at one time.

After a visit to the ER Vet in the middle of the night and another $100 dollars, I went to another vet in the area who explained the levels of toxins in his liver and why it was not liver failure, which was a severe treatment considering he needed a mild antibiotic, and not cost efficient for my pocket. I paid over $700, besides the insurance rates for all the care (blood tests, ultrasounds, etc) and medication from Banfield and the other vet I saw only charged me for costs of meds due to the fact that he was dissappointed in the care and treatment and that he saw I had more than overpaid for the unnecessary care. After the other vet opted not to charge me I felt that was a big indication of Banfield's level of treatment, this made me see this man actually cared that my dog's health was important and priority. Not only that this vet pointed out that in his opinion based on the size of my dog and all the vaccines given, that may have the cause of the reaction in the first place and he explained this is not certain and it may have happened and he explained what vaccines put him at higher risk when given (levo and rabies).

Now every time he is seen for vaccines, no matter the vet seen, he has to be checked in for the day due to his risk of another reaction. He explained next time he would have to charge me and he would have to hospitalize him for the day but he absolutely would not give a dog that size that many vaccines at one time. Also, he explained that some of the shots were unnecessary and why. (Although I didn't go into detail he gave me facts as to why; ie.

the Corona is not something that is mandatory due to regulations such as Rabies and that in his career he has treated maybe one dog for symptons related, it is just not common.) The point of this is to make others aware of this, because not only was this all terribly upsetting and stressful for me but the cost was absurd. I would not want anyone else out there to go thru what I went thru with Banfield.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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