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Customer for 43 months with "Drew Poynot" (black lab) and 43 months of wellness plan payments, dog food, toy, treat, medecine, etc...

Adopted a 6-month-old lab 7/3/12. This lab is "Boca Poynot"

Boca was immediately signed up for the Puppy Wellness plan at ~$25/mo.

On 7/13/12, Boca was spayed, which is supposed to be "COVERED" in the Puppy Wellness Plan.

"Boca" was sent home with pain pills and direction to "limit her activity"--with the quip FROM THE VET, Dr. Jamie Hart, "although, she's a lab. She'll probably act like nothing happened"

"Boca" was Crated ANYTIME we could not monitor her.

She wore a cone, or "E-Collar" 24/7.

She was monitored at every potty break.

On 7/16/12, we returned "Boca" to the original hospital, concerned that her wound was opening up.

We were told that it was "not that bad" and that we should "try harder" to limit her activity.

We were sent home with a new antibiotic--apparently to fight infection in the re-opening wound that was "not that bad".

On 7/18/12, the wound had split WIDE OPEN.

We brought "Boca"back to the original Banfield Hospital in Owasso, OK.

Dr. Jamie Hart was not in.

We took "Boca" to the Broken Arrow, OK Banfield, believing that the needed surgery would be covered by the wellness plan.

The Broken Arrow Vet, Dr. Powers, performed the necessary surgery to clean and CLOSE the wound with SUTURES. Additionally, we were given a sedative for Boca FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Dr. Powers charged us $215.47 for the procedure, stating that it was not covered in the plan.

Due to the emergency nature of the situation, we payed the fee and planned to seek reimbursement.

On 7/18/12, Shannon Poynot, my wife, called the Owasso location to ask for assistance in the matter--none was offered.

On 7/18/12 I, Jeremy Poynot, called and spoke to Duane, of the Banfield Customer Advocacy Team.

I told Duane everything that had happened and informed him that I was seeking a full refund of the amount paid to fix the re-opening wound.

I told Duane that it was terrible customer service and that loyal customers for over 3 years deserved a greater level of trust-based assistance.

Duane informed me that I would hear back in 3-5 business days.

On 7/19/12, I was contacted by Shannon Poynot, telling me that Banfield Owasso had called, and that since I was handling the complaint, that I should call them.

On 7/19/12 I called Banfield Owasso and spoke to Shonda.

Shonda transferred me to speak to Dr. Jamie Hart.

Dr. Jamie Hart proceeded to lecture me on how Shannon and I had failed to properly care for our puppy following the procedure.

Dr. Jamie Hart repeatedly used phrases such as, "We were told..." to bolster her position of "no fault".

i.e. "We were told that the E-Collar was not used 24/7".

I shared with the Vet that she was mistaken, and verified for her that we HAD followed all of the "rules".

I gathered the very strong perception that the Vet was not interested in customer service, getting to the bottom of the issue, or in any other way "making it right". The Vet was only interested in "covering her own behind". From the onset, the substance of her words and the tone of her voice made it apparent that she was acting in a defensive manner-and was more interested in keeping a "mark" off of her record than she was with treating us fairly.

On 7/19/12, Boca was taken back to Dr. Powers in Broken Arrow for a check-up--as stipulated by Dr. Powers the previous day.

During that visit, Dr. Powers advised us that the cone we were using for Boca was not long enough.


We had to pay out-of-pocket an additional $40 for a longer cone--one that would do what it is designed to do!

Dr. Hart failed in the following ways:

1)Sutures were not used in the initial surgery-even though Boca is a lab.

2)We were not given a sedative to assist in the healing process

3)The Cone prescribed was INADEQUATE

4)The worsening state of the wound was ignored on 7/16/12

5)She ran good customers off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Hey Jeremy......

We also have had our own Banfield problems. We also had the wellness plan for our beloved cat. We took him to one of his annual check-up vists. We came back to pick him up several hours later to find the look for terror in the eyes of the receptionist.

Long story short....our cats chart had been mixed up with another one who was there to have a tooth pulled and to have his 'undescended *** removed'. Our kitty was CUT OPEN and HAD A TOOTH PULLED for no reason!!!

So much for a check-up! Needless to say we no longer use Banfield but thought I should also post this about our experience.

Of course I paid nothing for the surgery, canceled my wellness plan immediately, and let friends know to avoid Banfield.

But (working in healthcare myself) I also understand that accidents happen. They were quite apologetic and embarrassed about the event, which I did appreciate. I'm just thankful my kitty is alive and they weren't putting the other kitty to sleep that day.



I'm always saddened when I hear how Banfield has hurt yet another animal and unfairly gained monetary compensation for doing so. I hope you are successful or at least instrumental in shutting down this dreadful business.

Banfield is the fast food of pet care. I'm writing to warn you of their wellness plans. If you read stories posted here, you will find pet owners are forced to continue with their monthly payments even though their beloved pet has passed on, usually from Banfield negligence and disregard. Clearly your dear puppy suffered from the latter.

43 months a loyal customer means absolutely nothing to these people $$ Your pets have been there 43 months too long.

Good luck finding a competent doctor. You can only go up from here.


How the advocate team works is not my concern--THAT they work is my concern.

We were done WRONG, and basically STOLEN FROM...if we are not fully reimbursed for the second E-collar and the repair surgery, we will cancel our memberships with Banfield.

A conservative estimate is that we spend $115/month through PetSmart/Banfield on Puppy Wellness plans, dog food, treats, etc...

in 2 months, Banfield will lose what they will have gained if we are not reimbursed.

Additionally, I will make it my primary leisure activity to drag Banfield through the dog *** mess they've made...







get the point? we were WRONGED, and unless the wrong is righted, we will be turned from passionate supporters of Petsmart and Banfield to the very worst opposite you could imagine.



Pissed Off, tech-savvy, and well-connected Consumer

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Dropduble - We're sorry that you are unhappy with how our Client Advocate Team works. Please note that we try to give hospitals a chance to resolve concerns first, and we expect all hospitals to discuss the concerns with the client with the hopes of resolving any issues. We're sorry that you are still unhappy, and we will append this post to your call records. Please feel free to call us again to discuss your experience in further detail.



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