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Banfield pet hospital in Langhorne PA is one of the the worst vet pet hospitals I have ever seen. The ladies at the front desk are rude and nasty.

The doctors obviously do not care about the pets and are not high quality. They make you wait and the employees are not friendly at all. If you love your pet, take them somewhere else. The doctors are awful.

The vet service is lousy. The management stinks. Your animals will not get the type vet care they deserve.

Pet lovers BEWARE. Banfield pet hospital in Fairless Hill pa is the worst, mismanaged, vet place around.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The doctors are understaffed and overbooked. They care or they would not get out of bed and come in for another 11 to 14 hour shift without a lunch break or any kind of meal break.

Heck, I've worked shifts without a single bathroom break. They do it because they truly love people and their pets, and kid you not, sacrifice that *** break so you don't wait 5 min longer, because we believe in good service, even if we are set up to be completely unable to deliver it every time. BANFIELD is a job - after 10+ years in collage living like a hobo and working 80+ hours per week, that mean something to a person hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Its a job with health benefits- did you know that is very uncommon for Vets?

We are medical doctors, but we essentially work for small businesses, which means no benefits- unless you can handle working for a cooperate practice and have excellent sphincter tone. We are doctors. We work for you. For a third of what your G.P.

makes. We appreciate cookies, and cards with pictures of your pets. We sacrifice our holidays, weekends, families, and sanity to be there when you need us, because God forbid we close the day before thanksgiving and you forgot vaccine boosters for boarding-Your welcome. So, if your not happy with banfield, send them a detailed letter so they start changing, and be nice to your vet, because I can guarantee, they have probably been peed on, pooped on, or bitten today.

More likely a combination thereof. Your humble neighborhood vet.