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On Sunday I found out my dog had fleas, so I decided to contact Banfield pet hospital. After speaking with the manager he recommended First Shield Trio to get rid of the fleas which worked for 30 days.

After giving this product to my dog it was downhill from there. My dog began shaking,crying, throwing up and eventually stopped walking all together. I immediately washed the product off my dog and took her to the vet where she had to be issued a prescription that she has to take for a week to walk again. The vet stated the medicine gave my dog muscles spasms along with be other horrible side effects.


They are recommending treatments that will HARM your dog! PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT !!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My afghan hound has never had a reaction to any type of flea control on the market. When I gave her Trio, she almost knawed her skin off and chewed herself for weeks.

Both times it was administered, during two completely different periods in time, she had the same wickedly severe skin inflammation and only on her ribs. I had to stop giving it and put her back in Frontline plus.


Im sorry but you cant EVER put dog flea/tick products on a cat. Thats why they say one is for dog and one is for cats.

If you did wash that dog product off your cat immediately You caused your pet to have SEIZURES....its not the companies fault.

You need to look at your pet as you would yourself. I do hope your kitty is better.


She said her dog not her cat. And it's not anyone's fault, just because it works well for one dog doesn't mean it works well for another.

That's why there are so many options.

No they shouldn't use it again but no need to blame Banfield for it. They did their job and then fixed the reaction by checking the dog out and administering medication.


Did the manager apply this product and did your animal show these signs at the store?


My apologies, that first paragraph should say I HAVEN'T had a problem with the service or medication.


I have been taking my 8 month old chocolate lab to Banfield since 8 weeks of age, and have been using First Shield Trio now for 4 months - I have had a problem with either the service, or the medication.

I have my lab puppy on their wellness plan, which has covered all of his vaccinations, neutering, lab work and deworming meds, and all of his check ups, both routine and follow up.

I have only paid additional money for his pain relief meds after neutering, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick prevention - First Shield Trio.

We live in MN where mosquitos and ticks are a huge concern, and my dog has had no problems with either, or fleas.

My dog has also had no reaction or adverse effects to the meds.

Just like humans can have allergic reactions to medications (I am allergic to penicillin and codeine), so can dogs. It is unfortunate that your dog had such a severe reaction to the medication, but is is neither Banfield's, nor the individual vet's fault that the reaction occurred.


my wife accidentally put a dab of that on a cat that she rescued from the street. The poor cat is having spasms for 24 hours and is about to die from the poison on this product.

I have a friend that works at the EPA . I'll be contacting her to see how they can ban this nasty product.


It says 'do not use on cats' on the label. The most common dog anti flea medication, pyrethrin, is known to be toxic to cats. No reason to ask the EPA.


OMG!!! Why would she do that.

This product is for cats only, it clearly says so on the packaging.

And how do you even 'accidentally' apply a topical flea prevention???? Your friend at the EPA will just laugh at you for being dumb and not reading the labels.


I am so very sorry for your experience. We all have to realize that we are putting insect killers on our pets.

In checking the online information from the makers of Dinotefuran, a Japan company, states that this product is toxic to rats and mice at specific doses. It is deadly to silkworms and bees.

I've use Frontline and most recently Revolution on my cats with no problem. In asking my vet about possible problems with First Shield, I was told that they are very few. Which says to me that there are some cats that have negative response to this flea treatment.

And there's no way to know if your pet is in that low percentage until you treat them.

Before I use First Shield, I am checking to see what type of reports from owners are online and if their pet was able to recover. If there is any type of antidote or emergency treatment that will save a pet negatively affected.

It's up to us to champion for our pets as they can't do it themselves. I hope your dog recovered.


Haven't had any problem with this on my dog.


We used this for our english bulldog after our vet from banfield suggested a meat allergy and she is doing great so far


They could not have known that would have happened..one of my dogs can't use Firstshield cause it makes him miserable but other 3 do great on firstshield....Banfield is a good hospital


You do realize that any flea product can do this to either a dog or cat, correct? It's not Banfield's fault that your dog reacted to the medication in the First Shield. There is no way to know for them to know your dog would have had that reaction.


That is a reaction your dog is having to a product. You could take it up with Pfizer.

The company is very good about taking care of medical expenses for a pet that may have had a reaction to their product. For future reference...


My dog uses the same product. No problems. It isn't their fault that your dog is allergic.


I just started to use first shield trio my dogs r doing well so far we will see


This is like me putting a complaint out on penicillin, because Im allergic to it and it causes me seizures.

Some pets will have a reaction to some medications. There is no way for a vet to look into a crystal ball and know what medications your pets will react to.

In the future, look for flea medication that has a different active ingredient that this one.


I agree. Any medication can cause potentially cause a reaction - but unfortunately you can't tell until you try it.

Now that you know ask them to make a note in your pets file that she can't have this medicine, and try a different one with a different active ingredient. Also apply or give new medications in the morning so that if your pet is having a reaction the vets office will still be open and you can bring her in or ask them what to do about it.


We all have alergic reactions to things at times. I may be able to eat crab and be ok but yet it could be fatal for the next person.

The same can be said for animals

It is just unfortunate that we have to learn the hard way at times. If I were to go to a regular vet, it is possibly that the very same thing could happen. I am thankful for having Banfield.

It's a more affordable way to take care of my pet. I sympathize with your situation.