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I paid over $500 for a wellness plan at Banfield Animal Hospital in Edison NJ and can NEVER get in when there's an emergency. My dog has had horrible diarrhea since Wednesday night.

Banfield was closed for 4 days. They are open today, but have only one dr and he is in surgery all day. How do you close for 4 days and on day 5 vet is not available?

Now I have to spend more money to take my dog elsewhere. This place really stinks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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deal with it life is a ***, ask for the 500 back and goes elsewhere and get pounded, they all gouge that part of dealing with animal hospitals




How unreasonable that vets be allowed to take vacation around the holidays! How unreasonable that the one vet there couldn't handle every emergency that needs to be seen.

How unreasonable that you are expected to see an emergency clinician for an emergency! How unreasonable that your WELLNESS plan doesn't cover emergencies. The sense of entitlement of veterinary clients is outrageous and is the reason many leave practice.

Although I think you have unreasonable expectations, I advise you to ditch Banfield.

Their platform is wellness. They have so many clients that the busier locations book up days in advance. Private practice is usually less slammed. At the clinic I work at, we can usually accommodate same day appointments, but sometimes we are just too busy to see emergencies.

People always get mad, but I'm one person and I can only care for so many patients in one day. There are other hospitals or ER clinics people can go to. When I need to see my human doctor, it takes weeks to get in. If I need to be seen faster, I go to urgent care or the ER.

Yes, it sucks because my insurance doesn't cover the huge deductible, but that is the way medicine works. Just because you pay for a wellness plan doesn't mean it covers emergency care or that the vets should not take vacation or also have a life.


Well, I guess you told me! LOL!