Sandalfoot Cove, Florida
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In December 2013 I brought my little 9lb. 11yr.old yorkie in to check her ear, while I was there I inquired about the recall letter I received from wormsheild.

The Dr. suggested proheart6 a 6 month injectable heartworm preventative. A few weeks after the injection she started displaying side effects, which I later learned were the results of the proheart 6 Moxadectin! My dog went blind, developed a heart murmer, congestive heart failure.

She died on Easter sunday. Many of her symptoms were listed in the client risk information sheet, however the neglected to inform me prior to thetheinjection. They mis-diagnosed and mis-medicated her. The FDA requires the Dr.

to do an online education and be certified and they are required to give the client the information! I have reported to the fda, etc. and I have written to Banfield Corp. Office.

They are still calling me and sending me letters for payment. I am disputing the contract.

I will be posting the whole story of events soon so that others do not fall victim as I did. I read a lot about the bad experiences people have with Banfield and after I see this through I will post my whole story and get justice for my little furbaby!

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So sad! So sorry for your loss.

I know the feeling because Banfield in Deptford,NJ killed my Pomeranian, Missy on 11/25/14. The *** Amber karwacki laughed while she was giving my dog CPR. I want justice for Missy so I know how you feel. I started a website with the whole long story, with pictures of Missy and pictures of the 2 *** who killed her (Dr Amber Karwacki and Dr Sara Garrison).

I would encourage everyone who had a pet killed by Banfield to start a web page and tell your story. Then post your link everywhere to make sure you spread the word to warn people about the dangers of trusting a Banfield with your pet.

I must acknowledge though that the Dr who normally sees my 3 dogs is AMAZING (Dr Jan Oliver). I will miss her.

I know if she would have been there the day I took Missy in, Missy would still be alive. I like her, but I will NOT give another cent of my money to ANY Banfield, Petsmart or Mars Candy Company. It is so rare to find a vet at a Banfield who REALLY cares about your pets, so I really hope she realizes that she doesnt belong there.

She is too good to be associated with such a bad company. I hope she realizes she needs to leave Banfield for the sake of her career.


Bottom line they suck. I brought my kitten in to be seen because she was sick and not eating.

The Dr gave her some meds and she was dead before the end of the week. I hate money.