Livingston, New Jersey

Staten Island, New York. 7/25/08; My four week old kitten Mimi was having very obvious difficulty breathing.

The closest vet open late on a Friday afternoon was at Banfield in our Persmart store.

Dr. Dora Ramos ordered $475.00 worth of tests, then told us that Mimi needed a hospital that could offer her 24 hour intensive care as the hospital was about to close. I rushed Mimi 45 minutes away as no vet offers this care where I live & she went into respiratory arrest as soon as we arrived. My husband & I had to decide to euthanize her!

Dr. Ramos should be ashamed of herself for stressing and hurting Mimi, taking our money, and then telling us she needed intensive care when she knew it all along!

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To "Insider" below who is warning against leaving cats at a Banfield:

Yes, cats and dogs are kept in the same area, but they are kept separate and out of view of each other. Banfield simply does not have the space to make separate rooms for each species.

Cats are only left in their carriers if they are extremely aggressive and refuse to come out. Otherwise they are kept in a standard kennel.

I can't speak for all Banfields, but at the one I work at most of the employees will visit with the pets in the kennels- petting, holding, and walking them. If you don't want to leave your cat at Banfield, then bring it in during appointment times and spare it the stress.


I am sorry you lost your kitten, but a vet will not keep a patient waiting around for test results if they know before hand that it is an emergency. The tests that stressed her out were necessary to determine the severity of the situation, which, unfortunately, was not something Banfield clinics are equipped to deal with.


It is the Banfield way to work patients up, then send them to emergency clinics overnight. I agree, they should tell you in advance they cannot keep your pet.

Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted her to stay overnight anyways. To all cat lovers - NEVER leave your cat at a Banfield. They do not give feline patients litterboxes and rarely take them out of their carriers even though they are there for over 10 hours for the "comprehensive exam". Most upsetting, cats and dogs are placed in the same kennel area and are treated at the same time.

90% of the cats are terrorized at these clinics. Not everyone that works for Banfield is bad, but Banfield as a whole is a profit-driven corporation.


Obviously there was something seriously wrong with your pet, and how do u know that the vet knew it all along. Do you think human doctors can take a quick look at you and know whats wrong...You need to give vets a break!! they have to figure out what wrong without the patient being able to tell them whats wrong or what hurts!!!


First let me say I am sorry for your Kitten. As someone with no axe to grind on either side, I think you are wrong. It sounds like the "Clinic" in the Retail Store is for "Light" Vet Care, and isn't equipped for overnight or serious case care.I do agree that the Vet should have told you this earlier,before doing all these expensive tests, but maybe they initially thought it was something they could handle.It sounds like your kitten had a condition that NO One most likely could save, it is sad but unfortunately happens with living things.