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We paid for a total of 7 puppies at this place. 5 of the packages we got include spay as we have 2 pugs we aim to mate when they are old enough. Well, if you know about Banfield and their prices, each of the packages are not what you call cheap.

Earlier today, one of the puppies had a hurt leg, was breathing rapidly and was just not acting like herself in general meaning something was wrong. We took her to "our vet" only to be told they were about to close, take the puppy to another vet.

Well now, I am not happy with this one bit. We spent over 2 grand with that vet for our puppies but when WE need them, we are basically told to "F" off, they are closing. ANY place worth its name will be there for their customer, plain and simple.

Bank your bottom dollar I will have my words heard not only at that vet come next shot date, but I will also be letting the head office know of the lack of compassion their people have for the animals they treat and the lack of commitment they have to the pet owners.

The ONLY reason I will go back to that vet is the fact I have prepaid so much money. Other then that, Banfield can kiss know!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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It seems Banfield stepped up to address your complaint. I hope you call the number they offered. Good luck to you.


You have to understand that Banfield is not equipped as an emergency clinic, that's why they referred you out. At closing, they might not have been properly staffed to deal with your dog's issue.

If your dog hurt its leg and had trouble breathing, your pet probably needed a combination of diagnostics (like xrays) and treatment. These things take hours, and it's not fair to ask employees to stay extra hours when there are emergency clinics out there equipped to deal with these situations. Unfortunately, banfield has business hours.

I can't expect my doctor to see me any time I want because I pay insurance premiums if she's not working. For example, if you broke your leg in the middle of the night, would you demand to see your regular doctor or go to the emergency room?


You're better off finding a privately owned practice that offers after hours emergency service. Doesn't matter how much you pay Banfield, if they're not available when you need them it's not very helpful!

Banfield Pet Hospital


I am sorry that your experience has left you feeling this way toward Banfield. I have taken note of your complaint here, but I also want you to know that we have a Client Advocate Team who is available for you to discuss your concerns.

The number is 877-500-2288. Thank you very much for your feedback.


What time did u get to the vet?

What time did they close (7?).