Greenville, South Carolina

After buying a full blooded Persian Cat we decided to take her to Banfield to complete the required shots. Of course we were pressured every time to buy their wellness plan.

We knew that we would eventually get her declawed, so we went with plan. We dropped her off at 7:30 am to get declawed. At 9:00 am the next day we were called to come pick her up. Upon my wife's arrival she was given a LARGE shock!

As the nurse was going over the results, she mentioned that her belly was doing fine. What does her belly have to do with her claws? The nurse said that was from the spaying, you wanted that done, right? My wife errupted into tears.

NO, WE BROUGHT HER IN FOR DECLAWING!!! This cat was for breeding!!!! Needless to say, the bill was taken care of by Banfield.

We are persuing a lawsuit! DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS TO BANFIELD!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Guess what people, declawing a cat is p to the owner. It does not remove their only defense as declawing is usually only the front claws and they are very good at biting.

They can also still climb trees very well without any claws at all.

And while I think spaying or neutering is a good thing, responsible breeding of purebreeds is good. I have a purebred dog and a mixed breed I adopted, and I have the purebred because I grew up with them and love the breed.

Y'all really need to be able to look at all sides of a situation and stop being so intolerant and telling people to die.


Spaying the cat is the best thing you could do for it's welfare and health. Declawing is CRUEL and will cause a lifetime of misery. SHAME ON YOU!!!


Dont trust Knoxville animal clinic. The techs there are not licensed and do not know what they are doing!


I worked there at that hospital and I remember this incident. Their apathy about the whole situation encoraged me to look for a job elsewhere.

I know exactly who this is and I hope that your cat is doing well and I wish you luck with your pursuit.

And to all is the perogative of the owner to do what she wills with her pet!!! I fully support responsible breeding and these clients were top notch!!!


The vets at Banfield were probably just accostumed to competent owners who sterilize their pets. It's kind of what you get for buying a pet to make money, as opposed to adopting a companion. If it were not about money, you would not have proceeded with a lawsuit.


agreed... you are a bloomin' ***!

There's too many homeless pets in the world and we don't need jackholes like you adding to the overpopulation.

Only a selfish ignornant fool would declaw a cat. YOU SUCK AT LIFE!


Vet's need to be regulated just like doctors. This woman wanted to breed a pure breed animal, nothing wrong with that.

Be careful of Knoxville animal clinic as well. The vet there is this old guy who does not know what he is doing?


This was obviously the fault of the staff but they did soak up the bill so I do not think that you are going to benefit from the law suit. They admitted fault and did not charge, so what are you going to sue for?

Loss of income from breeding unnecessary kittens? The cat is better off without her uterus.


I agree....declawing a cat is about the dumbest thing you can do to an animal. Great, let's take away the ONLY defense a cat has against the open world!

So, if the cat ever gets out then she'll be screwed against other cats, squirrels, baby kangaroos and dogs in the neighborhood.

You suck...go die! :grin


What kind of *** gets a cat for "breeding"? You actually wanted to declaw your cat? You are a jackasss big time!!!